• Can You Write Your Own Will?

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    It’s a common misconception that you have to hire an attorney to write your own will. Yes, an attorney will know how to draft a will properly and they know your state’s estate laws, but there are plenty of legal websites out there that can help you draft just as good (if not better) of a will for a fraction of the cost. That being said there is a right way to write your own will and a wrong way.

    Use a Will Template

    It’s important to use a will template to draft your will. Even if you have a book of legal clauses or you’ve found clauses online, you need to use a template to put them altogether. Use a legal document website, like LegalZoom, to help piece your will together. It’s important you use a typed document. Even though some states allow hand-written wills, it is more formal and causes less issue in probate court if your will is typed.

    No matter which template type you choose, make sure you choose one that has step-by-step instructions added in. These instructions will help make you feel confident in the legal document you’re drafting, but also ensure your will is drafted the right way.

    Things to Include In Your Will

    There’s no specific language requirement to your will. Instead it is a document that relates your final wishes regarding your estate. Therefore, write the will to benefit you and your loved ones. The amount of information you include in your will depends on your personal situation. Some things you may want to include are:

    • The name of your executor — this is the individual who will see your will out.
    • The name of any guardians for your children and/or property.
    • How debts in your name will be paid off and how your final taxes will be handled.
    • How your pets (if any) will be cared for.

    While you can put a lot in your will, even the best legal document sites like LegalZoom or other template sites cannot help you with. These are more complex situations that might require an attorney to review and can be added to the will you have drafted yourself.

    For example, if you want to leave money or property in a different way (rather than leaving it to a specific person) you will need to draft a trust in addition to your will. Most legal document websites will have basic guidelines for what you can include in your will and what other documents you might need based on your situation.

    Some Rules Regarding DIY Wills

    There are a lot of rules regarding estate planning. While these can vary from state to state, there are some rules that apply nationwide. These include:

    • You must be 18 years of age or older to draft your own will.
    • If you’re writing the will, you must be of the right capacity and of sound judgment to write it yourself.
    • You must state in the document that it is your will.
    • If you name an executor, he or she must be 18 years or older.
    • Your will should be notarized.

    Choosing an Executor

    An executor is the individual who is responsible for settling your estate. You will need an executor to handle distribution of your assets, paying any remaining bills, etc. Remember, your executor must be at least 18 years of age. Most legal document sites like LegalZoom will verify age before allowing you to enter their name.

    Just because a person is 18, however, doesn’t make them suitable for the executor role. The executor role is a big role to fill. Therefore, you want to choose someone who is responsible enough to handle tasks such as:

    • Negotiating your debts with creditors.
    • Discussing your estate with the Internal Revenue Service and state tax commissions
    • Taking inventory of your belongings and property.
    • Appraising or having someone appraise your assets.
    • Distributing assets to those named in your will.

    You do not have to name a family member for this role. In fact, many individuals name a friend, family attorney or even a financial planning expert to handle this responsibility.

    Review Your Will

    Once you draft a will, it’s not over. You still need to review your will at least once a year to make sure there are no significant changes. Also, if you have a life change, you will need to update your will as soon as possible so that it is relevant to your current situation. For example, if you have a new baby you will want to add your new child to your will — otherwise he or she will not be eligible for any inheritance. If you remarry, divorce or get married, you need to change your spouse situation in your will. Also, if you move to another state, you may have to draft an entirely new will based on your state’s new estate laws.

    Getting Rid of the For Sale Sign: How to Get Approved for a Home Mortgage Loan

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    The dire straits of the economic recession are still taking their toll, especially within the struggling real estate market. There are millions of people throughout the United States who are eagerly searching for ways to qualify for a mortgage loan so that they can get the keys to their new home as soon as possible. Studies have proven that there are several key steps that can be taken in order to make this process fly by from start to finish much sooner than the average consumer might realize.

    Save Up a Lump Sum of Money

    Keep in mind that getting approved for a mortgage loan is only going to be half of the battle. In most cases, you can improve your chances of getting approved for a great interest rate and overall deal by saving up a substantial sum of money as an upfront down payment. Even if you need to save money for several years, the great deal you will qualify for with a substantial down payment will truly be well worth the wait.

    Search for the Best Interest Rates

    Another vital step that needs to be taken in order to make it much easier for you to get approved for a home mortgage loan is to search for the most competitive interest rates that are currently available. Many homeowners seem to search for competitive mortgage refinance rates years after they have purchased their home just to be able to gain some financial relief from the higher interest rates they signed up for initially. You do not have to subject yourself to these astronomical rates if you take the steps necessary to get a great rate today. Do not hesitate to shop around for estimates from a wide variety of mortgage lending institutions before finalizing any deal.

    Do Not Forget About Your Credit

    Several case studies have been able to prove that credit issues are the main reasons why there are so many American adults being rejected by mortgage lenders throughout the country. Keep in mind that less than 40 percent of adults in this country have actually checked their credit report within the past year, according to Experian. Therefore, checking your credit report should truly be one of the first steps that you take if you are serious about qualifying for a competitive home mortgage loan.

    A good credit score to have in order to qualify for a conventional mortgage loan is 680, based on a study conducted by the Home Loan Learning Center. If your score is nowhere near that figure, then you need to put your dream of home ownership on hold so that you can have plenty of time to address your credit issues right away.

    The Bottom Line

    The next time you drive by your dream home with the “For Sale” sign posted in the front yard, keep in mind that there is a chance you could be the one who finally removes that sign after purchasing the home. However, qualifying for a competitive mortgage loan today will help you to get the keys to that dream home, or a comparable model, tomorrow.

    Ways to Save Money on Sports Shoes

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    If you’re a sportsperson then taking care of your body will be essential and your shoes will be far more than a fashion statement. There are many different models of sports shoe for each sport. Some are better than others and some are cheaper than others. The trick to buying the perfect sports shoe is to know you’re getting the best quality for the least amount of money.

    The first step to take when shopping for sports sneakers is to determine which kind of sports shoes will work best for you and your specific needs. Different models appeal to different people based on how they feel, how they look and their durability. Some of it is personal taste, others is down to the mechanics of the shoe itself. Once you know what type of sneaker or shoe you’re looking for, you can begin your quest to get it at a bargain price.

    How to Save Money on Sports Shoes

    These tips will help you to purchase good quality sports shoes for a discount price.

    • Look out for sales – the end of season and mid-season sales are the most obvious to look for, but always keep your eyes peeled for any other kind of sale. There could be an end of line sale or even a closing down sale in some stores. If you do manage to spot a sale on some sports shoes that you like, then buying more than one pair is a brilliant way to make the most of the sale. If you save $20 on a pair of sneakers then that’s great, but if you save $60 on three pairs of sneakers then it’s brilliant.
    • Discontinued Models – Fashion demands that not all models are kept on the shelf forever. Discontinued models are marked down way below their counterparts and a definite bargain. Ever noticed how when new models of sneakers come in to a store, the older models (which were all the rage last month) drop in price? This is another window of opportunity to save money on your sneakers.
    • Manufacturer’s outlets – You can buy brand names for discount prices at manufacturer’s outlets. The outlets cut out the middle man which means you can get good quality shoes from top names such as Nike for less than they retail for at traditional stores.
    • Coupons – Coupons are a great way to get a decent discount off the pair of sports shoes that you need. Rather than get coupons for one particular brand, try to look for store coupons such as Finish Line coupons. If you get a coupon for a discount on Nike shoes, then you can’t enjoy a discount on any others. If you get a Finish Line coupon, you can receive a discount for anything that you purchase from finish Line and they sell a huge variety of brands.
    • Look after the ones you’ve Got – Making shoes last as long as possible is the number one way to save money. Being careful when washing sneakers, using old sneakers whenever possible (like practicing on soft surfaces) and swapping and changing shoes often can help to extend the life of a pair of sneakers.

    Sports shoes aren’t the cheapest of shoes out there, and it’s important for sportspeople and athletes to get the best support for their feet that they can. However, it’s not necessary to spend a fortune buying sports shoes to train in. With a little careful shopping, you can save a good amount of money on a decent pair of sports shoes that will keep your feet healthy and allow you to reach for your sports goals.

    Vegas Baby!

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    When we started our blog, we were freshly engaged, and had started to plan our wedding. Readers of our blog know that we had some expensive ideas for the wedding and not many of you agreed with our decisions. We went ahead with our own plans anyway a few years after that first post. Five years after that, we’ve made it through five years of wedded bliss. Oh how time flies!

    While we took an extravagant European trip for our honeymoon, we decided to go a very different route for our five year anniversary and went to Las Vegas. There’s a lot about Vegas that I love: the bright lights,the sounds, the people, the shows, the restaurants, the ridiculousness of it all. Of course all of that costs money, not to mention costs for transportation and lodging.

    There’s another activity that I love in Vegas: GAMBLING. I know, I know, a personal finance blogger who loves gambling? That’s bad news, isn’t it? Well, yes and no. I would say that over the years I’ve done quite well and quite poorly at gambling, and have come out about even. During one spectacular trip to Vegas, I won enough money gambling to cover my airfare, hotel, and food, and I went home with a $1,000 extra dollars (which I actually donated to my church!).

    I do have rules, though. I always play at a live table. Friends of mine really like the convenience of being able to log in to an online casino from home. They have lots of fun doing that, but it’s not for me. I also have a limit as to how much I am willing to lose. I generally give myself $200 to play with. Depending on the night, though, $200 can either last 15 minutes at a very cold craps table, or it could last all night at a hot roulette table. I’ve heard of people who also have winning limits, but I think that’s ridiculous. If I put a winning limit of $300 on myself, I would have left $700 on the table, literally. But you must know yourself and follow your own rules.

    My favorite game to play is craps. I’m a fairly conservative bettor and generally bet the minimum on the pass line and take the fewest amount of “free” odds. I’ll increase my bets only if I’m up 50% of my original allowance (so if I gave myself $200, I’ll increase if I get to $300). The best is when the table is full of rowdy people and there’s a hot roller. Everyone goes crazy every time the point is hit and everyone has a good time.

    The second most favorite game of mine to pay is blackjack. Yes, the rules are fairly simple, and there’s tons of guides online of when to hit, stay, double down, or even surrender. I’ll play roulette at the end of the night to wind things down, or pai gow poker if I need some free drinks.

    Fortunately this last time in Vegas was with my wife, who isn’t an avid gambler but is a good sport. She’s also good at keeping me honest and true to my rules. Anyway, I was there to celebrate with her, not just gamble my savings away.

    INFOGRAPHIC: Be A Premier Performer at Tackling Debt

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    The number of individuals living with debt in the UK is on the rise. As of July, the total amount of personal debt held by individuals was right around £1.426 trillion. This is partly the result of the global economic recession which caused a high percentage of redundancies but it’s also on a count of mismanaging financial resources. If you’re ready to get back in the game, and start reaching your goals then take a look at the infographic provided by Consolidated Credit. Whether you’re in need of a debt consolidation, management, or repayment plan, they’ve got the tools and resources to fast track your recovery and ease the burden of financial uncertainty. It’s a win-win game plan!

    You might even be surprised how simple the process is. Customers have seen results with as little as one phone call to their creditors in which they renegotiated their interest rates. Once again, review the infographic for step-by-step solutions to some of the most common debt problems.


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