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    New Theme: the Honeymoon Registry

    by  • February 17, 2006 • Tagged: , ,  • Comments

    We have recently begun planning our wedding registry, and we were planning on doing both a traditional gift registry as well as one of those newfangled honeymoon registries. These allow couples to register for all the aspects of their honeymoon, from airline tickets to souvenirs. Initially it sounded fantastic! I began by doing some lunchtime ... Read more →


    by  • February 12, 2006 • Tagged: ,  • Comments

    Today my mom called to say she saw some fine china on sale and she asked us to begin looking at patterns for our registry. So we went online to www.theknot.com and looked at their massive china selection. We noticed that some of the patterns cost several thousands of dollars per piece, so we won’t ... Read more →