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    Memorial Day Weekend Links and Tweets

    by  • May 25, 2012 • Tagged: , ,  • Comments

    The weather has been beautiful here in Chicago the past few days. We have family coming into town this weekend which usually means copious amounts of eating out. That’s okay though to me as I don’t really get to spend time together with everyone. Dining out seems to be a fiery topic in the personal finance world. As usual, we tend to buck the advice of the pfblogosphere and eat out waaay to much. We’ve written more than a few posts on our penchant for finer foods:

    I’ve been super busy at work and that hasn’t left me a lot of time to be active on twitter, but I did see some interesting tweets on money and relationships.


    I hope you all have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

    TurboTax Giveaway Winners! Favorite Tweets!

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    A big hearty congrats to Michelle, Sarah, and Liz for winning our giveaway of free federal and state preparation and e-file with TurboTax Deluxe Online on our post about TurboTax for Mac review. They will all be expecting refunds so they might actually enjoy doing their taxes. Enjoy!

    To send you off this weekend, here’s some of my favorite tweets of the week. Remember that you can always follow me on twitter at @lovenotdebt. You really should. I’m funny.


    Interview at Credit Card Assist, Personal Finance Tag Responses, and Favorite Tweets of the Week

    by  • March 13, 2012 • Tagged: , ,  • Comments

    Today we’re featured in the Credit Card Assist “Best of the Bloggers” interview series. Bill has written quite possibly the best introduction to who we are that I’ve seen.  He’s been very patient with me over the past few months as I kept pushing back when I was able to get back to him, but I finally did it. Thanks to Bill and Credit Card Assist for giving us the opportunity. Go on and give it a read!

    Last week was Women’s Money Week, and if you read this blog for relationship banter then you’d love this list of blogs that participated in last Tuesday’s topic of Relationships and Money.

    Also, thanks to the following bloggers who answered the call of Personal Finance Tag (and booo to those who didn’t): Shopping Detox, Graduated Learning: Life After College, Don’t Quit Your Day Job, and Couple Money

    And to end this post, here’s some of my favorite tweets of the week:


    Follow Us, Win Money

    by  • May 20, 2010 • Tagged: , ,  • Comments


    We at Make Love, Not Debt have distrusted social media for a little while now. We’ve only personally embraced it in the last year or so and finally have wrapped our brains around the whole thing.

    And now we love it.

    Over the past few weeks I’ve added the oh-so-ubiquitous sharing buttons found on everyone’s and their mother’s blogs to each of our blog posts. I hope that in doing so I’ve made it easier for you to share our pearls of wisdom to the interwebs. We urge you to use them, at least for the fact that I worked really hard to get everything just right.

    We’d like for you to help welcome us to 2008 and help us be more 2010. We ask you, our awesome readers, to help us establish a presence on Twitter and Facebook. And as a reward, each week for the next four weeks we’ll be giving away a $25 gift card to Amazon.com. 

    As you may have guessed by the presence of a big blue bird for this entry, this week we ask that you follow us, @lovenotdebt, on Twitter. Each person who follows us will be eligible to win 25 smackaroos good at Amazon. The deadline for following us will be next Thursday, May 27, at 11:59 PM CST.

    Good luck, we look forward to communicating with you in 140 characters or less fewer!