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    Spent $100, Saved $1,326.76

    by  • May 5, 2006 • Tagged: ,  • Comments

    Tonight we added an extra $100 to my monthly student loan payment. The interest rate on my loan is relatively high and cannot be consolidated because it is a private loan. I knew that paying some of it off early would save me years of interest charges, but I had no idea how much until ... Read more →

    Mortgage on my mind

    by  • January 31, 2006 • Tagged: , ,  • Comments

    Today I saw this article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer about the new face of poverty: the college grad. According to the article, About 40 percent of students now graduate with what lenders consider “unmanageable” debt loads, meaning their payments eat up more of their salaries than is considered financially sound. It may not be financially ... Read more →