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    Financial Doppelganger

    by  • May 25, 2010 • Tagged: , ,  • Comments


    original photo: Photos8.com, modified in compliance with its Creative Commons License

    On last night’s season finale of How I Met Your Mother, we’re reminded that almost all of the gang has seen his or her corresponsing doppelganger roaming the streets of New York, except for one (Barney, of course, for all of the HIMYM fans out there, HOLLA).

    Anywho, at the end of the episode Ted compares the Robin of today with the Robin of 5 years ago. He says that the Robin of the past was great, but her doppelganger, the Robin of today, is AMAZING.

    That got me to thinking: As my doppelganger from 5 years ago, how have I changed financially?

    I think that the me of 5 years ago would be shocked at the current me. Not only because I’ve kept my boyish good looks, but because of all of the financial obstacles that Her and I have overcome. The me of 5 years ago had little financial knowledge, and had even less knowledge about our financial situation back then. I don’t know if the me of 5 years ago would even believe everything that has been accomplished.

    What about you? What would the you 5 years ago think about their doppelganger of today?

    (yes, this post doesn’t exemplify the best use of the word "doppelganger", but just run with it, ok?)