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    Financial Fatigue

    by  • September 29, 2006 • Tagged:   • Comments

    We’re paying off our credit card debt aggressively, snowballing $600.00 on top of minimum payments.

    We’re paying more than the minimum on student loans.

    We don’t go out for dinner or drinks as much.

    We have one car that we seldom drive.

    We clip coupons.

    We put up plastic on our windows in the winter.

    We’re using a 7 year old Dell desktop as our primary computer.

    These things do not make us rock stars. This is not what I envisioned my post-college life to be like. Taking care of finances isn’t a hobby, nor is it particularly enjoyable for me. A necessary evil.

    I seriously want to go on a huge binge. Nikon D200? Want. Nintendo Wii? Want.

    It gets really old, being on top of everything. Knowing where every cent goes. Being financially responsible.

    Then I say to myself, “Shut up, you brat. Your life is a cakewalk compared to the family of the kid who you tutor. Just a few more years and you’ll be debt free. This isn’t easy. It’s not supposed to be easy.”

    Ah, thanks.