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    Happy Leap Dave Williams! Follow Us, Like Us, and Our New Blogger, Too.

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    Happy Leap Dave Williams! (edit: or is it Leap Day Willam?) Did you trade children’s tears for candy? Have you been poked in the eye or have had your hair yanked because you’re not dressed in blue and yellow like a Best Buy employee?

    No? Then how about you try new things and take chances, without the fear of failure or consequence by, such as…

    Following us on Twitter! @lovenotdebt

    Liking our Facebook Page!

    We’re doing new things with this blog, too.  Remember that call for paid bloggers? Well, this is what came out of it:

    Tomorrow, the first post by our new blogger, Abby Dalton, will be up. She’s from the Boston area all sorts of awesome and has a unique living situation and has a mission to convince the world-at-large that Millennials aren’t inept. However, that mission may be difficult since I will single-handedly undo any goodwill by posting my own money failures. Sorry, Abby.

    Still Accepting Applications

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    Tons of work this weekend.

    image: jon_a_ross

    Just a reminder: we’re still accepting applications for a paid blogging position. You have to get your application in by 11:59 pm CDT on Monday, February 20 to be eligible. That way, if you have Monday off for President’s Day like I do, you have some extra time to get in your application.

    Get more information and apply here. I’ll be notifying the new hire of his/her position on by Thursday, February 23.

    I’ve been blown away at the quality of the applicants so far. You guys aren’t making this easy. I feel good about the future of Make Love, Not Debt.

    Hello WordPress, Goodbye Movable Type

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    This past month I’ve worked to transfer the blog over from Moveable Type to WordPress. The process was a little difficult, but I think I’ve managed to smooth out most of the bugs. I’ve already noticed that the site is slow compared with how it was, but I’ll continue to fix that. Let me know of  any weirdness in the comments.

    Anyway, we’re still alive. We’ve got some news that we’ve been wanting to share. Anyone still reading? Say hi in the comments!

    Yeah, Some Changes Around Here

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    So you’ve probably noticed that there was a sponsored post yesterday. The decision to run that wasn’t made lightly. We literally get hundreds of requests to do this type of thing, mostly from companies that we’ve never heard of or whom we wouldn’t want to do business with.

    When we originally received the email propsal, I was going to trash it. But then I noticed that 21st Century Insurance was owned by Farmer’s Insurance Group, the insurance company who provides our rental and automobile insurance. We’ve had nothing but great experiences in our six years of being with them. It was that reason alone that we decided to run the post.

    We understand that we haven’t been the most active bloggers around. Our "relaunch" fizzled out and we just didn’t have enough motivation to keep it going. So what’s going on?

    Well, finanaces just aren’t our primary goal. As we have better built our financial foundation, we’ve loosened up a bit and have spent more time away from the computer, and that of course means time away from blogging as well. Of course finances are still important to us, but we’re just not interested in the gazelle intensity (thanks, Dave Ramsey for that term) that we had when we were much deeper in debt.

    However, it does seem that over the past few years we have garnered quite the audience, and I’m surprised and flattered that many of you actually care about what we’ve been up to. Her and I are going to have some discussions on the future of this blog. To be clear, we’d never shut it down, but may change the focus of it. We’ll let you know as soon as we get a plan.

    Thanks for reading, we hope to be back soon.

    Happy 2nd Birthday, Make Love, Not Debt (With Roundup Included!)

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    photo: LensENVY

    On January 1, Make Love, Not Debt had its 2nd blogoversary! I really can’t believe that this project took off the way that it did. I couldn’t have done it without all of you, the readers and pfblogosphere!

    Here are some posts that are pretty interesting:

    2 Million is finding out the difficulties of managing cash flow as a newlywed. Her and I have had our finances intertwined for almost 3 years and we’re still figuring it out.

    Lazy Man has posted his alternative monthly income status report. He raked in an incredible $2,200+, mostly from his blog income!

    Money and Values asks if you go the long way to avoid tolls. We dont – in Chicago tolls aren’t too expensive and we hardly drive. Plus, with the addition of open road tolling we just bite the bullet and go the toll routes.

    eFipo tells how he splurges on the big nights, with a good story from his New Year’s celebrations. We tend to do a lot of small things since we’ve found many cheap forms of entertainment.

    Five Cent Nickel answers a reader question on Roth IRA limits being reached after marriage. This is of particular interest since Her and I will be tying the knot this year, and pay raises may put us close to the income limit.

    We’re in Debt muses: when can you have too much credit? Interesting that they ask, since we’re still wondering what to do with all of our credit cards with no balances.

    Site Maintenance; Comments Closed For A Few Days; Mini-Roundup

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    photo: granth

    Make Love, Not Debt will be moving to a new, improved host over the weekend. Comments will be closed until everything is working over at the new host.

    In the meantime, read these posts:

    English Major posts a beautiful narrative of a night out. Definitely some of the best writing the PF blogosphere has seen.

    Jim and JD square off about whether or not to use home equity (link to Jim’s) to pay down unsecured debt (link to JD’s). We’re thinking of doing this to pay off student loans. Don’t worry, we’ll write a post about this so that you can berate us comment on it.

    Boston Gal treats herself to solar panels.

    Trent lays out his goals for 2008. We’re going to have to get on that.

    We usually don’t do these round-up type posts, but we’re rethinking that for next year.

    Slaying The Evil Blog Comment Eater

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    If you’ve tried to leave a comment here in the last few days and it was met with some weird error page, we heartily apologize. I had to give my blog software a mighty HADOUKEN to fix things.

    So please, leave comments. Without them, our blog gets all brown and wilted. If you try to and it is still broken, please email us so that I can go around kicking more stuff.

    Oh, and GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!