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    Public Radio Superstars, at Least on Monday

    by  • February 19, 2010 • Tagged:   • Comments

    Hey guys. Thank you for the response in our last post. Because of that response, and the relatively few people who unsubscribed (the nerve!), we’re definitely going to be picking up the activity on this blog.

    And remember a few years ago when we did a radio interview with Vocalo, then a fledgling radio station that seemed like an experiment in broadcasting and internet but turned out to be super awesome?

    Well, some of that segment will be airing this coming Monday morning, February 22, on the WBEZ radio-news-magazine show 848! We’ll be on between 9:05 and 9:20 am CST.

    We’re super excited because 848 is our favorite radio program to listen to when we’re running late for work.

    If you want to listen to the original interview in its entirety, check out the archive here.

    (Hi Robin!)

    Hi-fives for Financial Stability!

    by  • May 2, 2008 • Tagged: , ,  • Comments

    In the mornings as Her and I get ready for work, we listen to NPR’s Morning Edition. This morning host Steve Inskeep was segueing into a commercial break, and said something along these lines:

    “Next up, there’s a new class divide in America. Those who aren’t having trouble paying off their debt and those who are…”

    Her: WHOO-HOO! (raising hand in air)

    Him: Whoo-hoo what?

    Her: WHOO-HOO for being able to pay down our debt! (hand still in air)

    Him: Yeah! Go us! (slapping hi-five)

    It’s the little things.

    A Night With Vocalo

    by  • April 4, 2008 • Tagged:   • Comments


    Photo: me; everyone loves Make Love, Not Debt!

    Last night we had the awesome opportunity to be on the local content sharing, social networking radio station here in Chicago, Vocalo (pronounced “Vocal-o”), on 89.5 FM. We’re featured on the show ‘Tween The Sexes, as show about men and women and the dynamics between them. The station is truly innovative: I think of it as radio 2.0. They accept and play user generated submissions, simultaneously live blog about the stuff on air while they’re on air, and generally act as a liaison between the web and the radio. Here’s more info about them.

    They convinced us to come into the studio for an hour of chatting with them. We were admittedly a little nervous at first, but as the show went on we definitely loosened up a bit. They were awesome: the hosts Robin, Bibiana, and Brian (pictured above) were super cool and asked us the best questions we’ve been asked by anyone about our blog. We went over our finances as it affected our past, present, and our future. The experience was cool, getting to see what goes on behind the scenes and being a part such an innovative and creative radio station.

    You can check out the first 2 hours of the show on the archive; we’re not on there and wouldn’t appear until hour 4. I’m working on getting our interview so that we can host it on this website for you to hear at your leisure.

    This is a first for Make Love, Not Debt history: we’ve unveiled our faces to other people! We did still keep our pseudonyms of Him and Her; it was kind of weird.

    “Hi, I’m, uh, Him and this is…Her.”

    Oh well. We still had a blast.

    This was pretty awesome, but not as cool as the Budgeting Babe appearing on CBS news. Congrats!

    An Interview with UR Chicago Magazine

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    UR Chicago is a free monthly magazine (can’t beat the price, natch) covering regional and national lifestyles and entertainment; it keeps readers informed about the latest trends in nightlife, music, theater, art, film, dining, fashion and more in Chicago and beyond.

    We had the privilege of being interviewed by Jennifer Lizak about our blog for the magazine. This month’s issue deals with all sorts of money matters; of course written for 20-somethings who seem to spend, spend, and spend. Nevertheless, it’s pretty awesome to see our words in a publication that we regularly read and that targets the demographic that we hope to reach.

    She also wrote a nice piece on relationship finances as a whole, and how serious relationships need more than just good intentions and animal attraction to overcome financial differences. She was nice enough to include a few words from our interview in that piece as well.

    Since UR Chicago is a monthly publication, the links will reflect the current month’s articles. We’ll take down the links when the next month’s articles replace ours (but why would they want to do that?).

    To see the story in its full glory inside the magazine, you can download the pdf [direct link] – the relationships article is on page 38; our interview is on page 62 – right before the sex section. Sweet.

    [edit 4-4-08: the issue we were feature in has passed and the links to the site have been removed: please download the pdf to see the interviews]

    More Useless Financial Banter From Us

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    Last week we had the great opportunity to be interviewed by Katie from the Geezeo blog. For those who don’t know, Geezeo is a completely web-based finance manager, once known as DebtFolio. We actually did a review of DebtFolio when it was in a very early stage of development. Since we’re using Microsoft Money to manage our finances, we haven’t had a chance to revisit their services.

    Go ahead and check out our interview over at the Geezeo blog:

    Couples and finances: We interview Him and Her

    Thanks Katie for the interview!

    Good Morning Cleveland!

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    If you were up this morning at 5:15AM in Cleveland and listening to WERE 1300 AM, you heard us on the radio!

    We were honored to be interviewed by Dawnette Lounds – Culp on the radio show “Your Family Issues.” Dawnette is the author of The Face of Child Support and is the founder of PRO-YOUTH, INC, a nonprofit organization that is a positive reinforcement on youth.

    We spoke about the topic of hiding debts from your spouse. Despite it being 4:15AM our time, we held together pretty well in the interview. As the show itself deals with family relationships, we were asked on our advice and stories of hidden debt. Dawnette was a very nice and positive host and did a good job of not focusing on the past, but really asking us on how we changed everything for our future.

    We wish Dawnette luck in the future as the host of Your Family Issues.

    Stay Classy, Jacksonville

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    “I don’t know how to put this but I’m kind of a big deal.” – Ron Burgundy

    Last Sunday we were featured in the The Florida Times-Union, a daily newspaper in Jacksonville, Florida. Much thanks to Alison Trinidad for giving us this opportunity.

    Please stick around, read our start page or archives, or subscribe to our RSS feed.

    Actual relationship finances banter to commence sometime later this week…

    Tell Your (Bad) Experiences With Credit Cards, Be Famous

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    We received an email request from a guy who we’ve worked with before. Read it and participate, you’ll be FAMOUS…or NOTORIOUS.

    I’m reaching out to you today in hopes that you can help me contact other people who have wrestled with debt. I’ll ask people to use their names this time, but the articles will look at more limited slices of their financial lives.

    I’m looking for a few specific scenarios:

    – People hit by universal default clauses on multiple credit cards.

    – People who answered low-rate “pre-approved” credit offers but
    actually received cards with higher rates or lower credit lines.

    – People who put their education expenses (or their children’s) on
    their credit cards and then struggled to pay all the finance charges.

    As you can see, these are ordinary experiences. Have you come across
    people dealing with one or more of these, either through the blog or
    just in daily life? Maybe it’s a reader; maybe it’s a friend or
    colleague. If so, are you willing to play matchmaker? I promise to
    treat everyone with respect.

    If the above sounds like something you’d be interested in, please email us at lovenotdebt@gmail.com (or use our swanky contact form) and we’ll forward your info to our inside man.

    NPR Highlights Debt Blogs

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    Our love for NPR, especially Chicago Public Radio, knows no bounds. We’ve attended a taping of Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me!, and we’re going to the This American Life live show next week.

    Every morning I wake up to NPR’s Morning Edition. Whether or not I decide to snooze is directly related to how interesting the particular news story is when the alarm goes off. Imagine my surprise when I heard that they were doing a short piece on debt blogs…

    …and heard our blog mentioned on the radio. Admittedly, it was only in passing, but since NPR is our primary source of…well everything from news to entertainment, we were pretty excited.

    Congrats to the other blogs that were mentioned as well:
    Single Mom and Money
    Stingy Student
    Defying Debt…in 2 Years (the teacher who moved to Thailand, I don’t think they mentioned this blog by name)
    Blogging Away Debt

    Hello Hello NYT Readers

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    Today we’ve been featured in the New York Times in the article Debtors Search for Discipline via Blogs. Like, yay us. Before you leave, please subscribe to our rss feed, or hit our homepage and subscribe to our blog via email.

    I’d like to say that the article incorrectly reports our net worth: it is actually -$66,274.27. Not the reporter’s fault though, since I neglected to update the net worth thing on the right side there.

    If I weren’t sick today, I’d greet you with a proper welcome. Instead, I’m going to copy and paste something from a post a few weeks ago, and update where applicable. Please enjoy!

    Here for the first time and need more backstory? Try my financial history, and then more of Her’s. Hindsight is 20/20, so in the future we’ll both be on the lookout for signs of trouble.

    In the two years since we’ve revealed our finances to each other, we’ve done much to improve our finances, but we’re far from perfect. In fact, we’ve been known to make mistakes. But that’s okay, since the point of all of this is to learn from them. If you’d like to hear about our experiences with money, you can cruise the archives, or pick one of the tags over there on the right for more relevant topics. More specifics?

    For example, when our savings eclipsed our credit card debt, we thought that was a little ridiculous. So this month, we’ve committed to paying off all of our non-0% credit card debt we’ve paid off all of our non-0% credit card debt, about $6,600. We’re also on on track put half of the max into our Roth IRAs this year. We’ve made a nice foundation for achieving our 2007 goals. This is a far cry from where we were even one year ago.

    On our site we like to discuss the intersection between relationships and finances, and we do this in a number of ways. Sometimes, readers ask a question that we answer. Other times they contribute content to our site. And, of course, we talk about how we deal with it.

    Much to the chagrin of many, we tend to also take a lighthearted look at finances. See how we spent $26 so that I could get a more masculine license plate. Or my plans for what I’d do if I had all of the money in the world. Or just see how the personal finance blog community likes to kick our asses.

    So again, welcome. Stay for some pie.

    …and congrats to the other blogs that were also mentioned in the article:
    Blogging Away Debt
    Poorer Than You
    Save Leigh Ann
    We’re In Debt
    Defying Debt…in 2 Years
    No Credit Needed (and of course the No Credit Needed Network)

    20/20 – How We Stayed Home To Watch This Crap

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    If you’re looking for a real review of the 20/20 show (read the 4 parts of it here, here, here, aaaand here) then maybe you should read Boston Gal’s, or No Limit Ladies, or Blogging Away Debt, or Frugal Law Student, or Kiss of Debt, or Money Turtle. If you post a review, please email me and I’ll include it here.

    So we stayed up for a little while last night to watch the TiVo’ed episode of 20/20: Flat Broke: Begging and Borrowing in America. Here are my thoughts:

    1. This show is aimed for retarded America. 20/20 is the reason why I try and limit my idiot-box watching to other mindless drivel such as The Office.

    2. If my “fashion sense” is as good as Matt Peterson, someone please kill me. See the glorious screengrab below:


    All I have to say is…is…is…at least I own my sweater. <latina headbob>OH NO I DIDN’T!!! OH YES I WENT THERE!!</latina headbob>

    3. How do I become an intern for 20/20? How much did that person get paid to do this:


    Honestly, that person did a great job of stacking all that. Although I can imagine John Stossel walking by and having his 80′s mustache knock it over. I hate that guy.

    4. Wonder what happened to the Petersons, the ones in debt? Suzie Peterson (but this is the internet, so it could be some guy in his mother’s basement) is actually contributing to the discussion of the show on the 20/20 message boards. On one thread she’s getting encouragement. But not on the other…

    5. I don’t really like grocery shipping as it is, but I will NEVER EVER EVER bring a walkie talkie with me to the grocery store. I’m okay with coupons though.

    6. Some debt collectors are douchebags. There is a special place in hell for them.

    I do think that the good ones are just trying to do their jobs. Some poor business lost money. Someone else didn’t pay. According to the show, it seemed like the good debt collectors were willing to work with the debtor to make things work. Poor guys, they’re just there in order to keep out of debt themselves.

    7. If all else fails and we can’t pay our debt, we can always make a sex tape and “leak” it to the internet, then sign up with a porn distributor to make a movie called “Nasty Debtcapades” or “Debtor Debutantes”.

    Greetings to UK Visitors

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    Today we’ve been featured on “The Click” in today’s UK Times Online. We’d like to thank whoever graciously nominated us to be featured! If we weren’t anonymous, we’d send you some cookies or something; but since we are, we’re just going to eat them all ourselves.

    For all of the UK readers, is this a pretty major newspaper over there? I have no idea.

    Here’s the write up:

    The blog makelovenotdebt.com is a tale of young love beset by debt. A couple owe more than $90,000 in student loans and credit card bills, but still want a wedding to remember. How? By becoming ingenious savers, ditching expensive haircuts and collecting free cans of Coke.

    Ditching expensive haircuts? NEVER!

    Welcome, UK readers. Click around, have some…uh…tea?

    Yahoo Picks [On] Us, Calls Us Names

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    We’re featured as Yahoo’s pick of the day. They even had a nice write-up about us:

    Recently engaged, Him and Her are putting it all on the line–the bottom line–in this financial blog. The Chicago couple owns up to massive debt from credit card abuse and student loans, but they are bravely and honestly addressing the thorny issues of money and relationships. With coupon coups and balance transfers, they’re reducing debt and saving up for a fancy wedding. They’ve even figured out how to make money from sex, legally and with no moral qualms. Of course, the path to holy matrimony hasn’t always been smooth. Her went a little Bridezilla about the wedding budget, and Him still indulges his metrosexual tendencies. But for the past seven months, they’ve stuck to a practical plan and are making good financial choices. Stay tuned to see if they make it down the aisle without adding debt to the guest list.

    Thanks, Yahoo. Now when are you going to let us try out YPN?!?!?

    Personal Finance Blogging Articles Make Me Blush

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    Today MSNBC ran an article about personal finance blogging. Of the articles that I’ve read about personal finance blogging this one is one of the better written ones, and includes tips on who to get started with your own blog.

    At the forefront of the article was Ms. Nicole Mladic, aka the Budgeting Babe. Also featured were Mr. Jeffrey Pritchard, aka All Financial Matters, and Boston Gal’s Open Wallet.

    Oh yeah, us.

    Funny thing is that we’re in more debt than what the article cited, a mere $90,000. For the record, our last net worth statement shows we are actually $150,926.22 in debt. Looks like I’m going to have to send in another correction. It looks like the article also cites Budgeting Babe’s numbers incorrectly also.

    First time readers, welcome.