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    Short Update on My IRS Situation and Other Miscellaney

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    If you’ve been following us on Twitter (@lovenotdebt) you’d have known that I’ve been dealing with the IRS and their mistakes that I talked about in this post. I’m actually on hold with the IRS as I write this post, and I imagine that I look like this:

    grumpy cat

    I had fun once. It was awful.

    I’ll be posting soon about what’s happened since then, which includes a freakin’ levy that was placed on my checking account. One piece of advice if you’re contacted by the IRS: hire a pro. Seriously. I’m in way over my head and should have done that as soon as I received the first letter from the IRS. Also: the IRS is very, very incompetent.

    Coming Soon

    In the next few weeks we have a few Giveaways that we’ll be hosting. Next week we will again be partnering with SavingAdvice.com to give away $100 to start up (or supplement) an emergency fund. Near the end of November I’ll also be giving away a copy of Quicken 2013 Home and Business on CD. Stay tuned.

    Keep Up

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    Also, do please let us know how we’re doing via our contact form. We love hearing feedback from you and want to make sure that you’re seeing things you like.

    Have a great weekend!

    image: grumpycats.com

    Fall is Here! Favorite Tweets!

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    The air is crisp, leaves are changing color, and Starbucks managed to prevent a shortage of pumpkin spice lattes. Ah fall.

    I hope that you’re enjoying your fall and also enjoying what we’ve been posting on the blog. Abby is signed up through the rest of the year so expect to read much more of her excellent writing. We think that the giveaway contest with SavingsAdvice.com went well, and they’re making some changes for the future that we’re excited about. Definitely plan to see some giveaways in the future.

    Around the pfblogosphere I’ve had my eye on some articles on relationships and finances that I think you’d like to read.

    The Simple Dollar has been posting as a part of his “365 Ways to Live Cheap” series some articles on money and marriage. While we don’t always see eye-to-eye, I thought these were of interest:

    And here are some tweets that link to articles on relationships and finances (RSS readers need to click through). Have a great weekend!


    Memorial Day Weekend Links and Tweets

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    The weather has been beautiful here in Chicago the past few days. We have family coming into town this weekend which usually means copious amounts of eating out. That’s okay though to me as I don’t really get to spend time together with everyone. Dining out seems to be a fiery topic in the personal finance world. As usual, we tend to buck the advice of the pfblogosphere and eat out waaay to much. We’ve written more than a few posts on our penchant for finer foods:

    I’ve been super busy at work and that hasn’t left me a lot of time to be active on twitter, but I did see some interesting tweets on money and relationships.


    I hope you all have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

    Interview at Credit Card Assist, Personal Finance Tag Responses, and Favorite Tweets of the Week

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    Today we’re featured in the Credit Card Assist “Best of the Bloggers” interview series. Bill has written quite possibly the best introduction to who we are that I’ve seen.  He’s been very patient with me over the past few months as I kept pushing back when I was able to get back to him, but I finally did it. Thanks to Bill and Credit Card Assist for giving us the opportunity. Go on and give it a read!

    Last week was Women’s Money Week, and if you read this blog for relationship banter then you’d love this list of blogs that participated in last Tuesday’s topic of Relationships and Money.

    Also, thanks to the following bloggers who answered the call of Personal Finance Tag (and booo to those who didn’t): Shopping Detox, Graduated Learning: Life After College, Don’t Quit Your Day Job, and Couple Money

    And to end this post, here’s some of my favorite tweets of the week:


    Tweets of the Week of February 26

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    Welcome to the inaugural edition of Tweets of the Week. If you’re not following me on twitter, you should – I’m at @lovenotdebt. In addition to musing about trivial matters on Twitter, I like to broadcast anything personal finance-related that is fun, helpful, or interesting. It occurred to me that it also serves as a great repository of links that I’d like to share off-Twitter, too. So, instead of doing the usual link round up post, I present to you my Tweets of the Week.


    Finances and Family Review

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    This morning Her and I were featured on the Chicago Public Radio show Eight Forty-Eight. If this is your first time here, welcome! The portion of our interview that was broadcasted included our thoughts on how we deal with the relationship of finances and family. Here are some of the posts that go into more detail on that delicate balance:

    I talk about my parents (mom) at length in a few posts:

    How Much Do You Tell Your Parents?

    My Parents Keep Up With The Jonses

    Raise your children to rely on them – Asian Culture And Finances

    (Un)Happy Mother’s Day

    The situation with Her’s parents is nicely summed up in this post: Proactive Parent Protection

    …oh, and by the way, we’re not debt free…but we do have a positive net worth these days. We don’t have any revolving credit card debt, although we do still use them for the rewards but pay them off every month. We also still have about $50,000 of student loans to pay off, but ~$6,500 of that is at a 1.9% APR for life through a generous balance transfer, and the remainder of the balance is a federal loan with a low enough rate that we’re not freaking out about it. This is a far cry from the ~$18,000 in credit card debt and ~$130,000 in student loan debt that we had when we started this blog.

    Peers Keep Surprising Me With Money Tips

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    I’ve mentioned before on this blog that Gaper’s Block is one of my favorite Chicago-centric blogs. While reading the blog I noticed that this week’s question in Fuel is Got any money saving tips for us? Considering that the audience is more of the hippie-liberal-creative types who I imagine feel the same way about money as I do, I’m surprised to see the range of answers reads like a personal finance blog.

    There’s nothing earth shattering there, but it does reassure me that I’m not the only one missing out on stuff.

    From The MoneyMix Archives – Housing

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    This is post highlights articles from our writings at the MoneyMix blog.

    When Is The Right Time To Invest In The Housing Market? The housing market is going down, but that means good things for potential buyers like us. Read our list of criteria that we’re going to try and follow when we decide to jump into the market.

    Where Should We Put All Of This Stuff? Ah, the eternal enemy of clutter. After the wedding and showers, we received a bunch of gifts. Read our plans on how we’re going to deal with all of it.

    A Look Back At 2008

    by  • January 9, 2009 • Tagged: , , , , ,  • Comments

    Whew, 2008 was quite a year. For us, it will forever be remembered as the year that we got married! But what else happened this year for us financially?

    To cut expenses, we cut Netflix out of our life. We also cut back on weekend trips. I was officially diagnosed with depression and learned some of socioeconomic aspects of dealing with it. After we were married, our first fight was about…money. It wasn’t as bad as the financial infidelity that Her’s brother went through.

    After much trial and error, we finally made a budget that we stick to.

    Our crazy but generous landlord increased our rent a whopping $8 per month.

    We started a Big Dreams Savings Fund with the spoils of our wedding and related showers. We’ve decided that 2009 will be a balls-to-the-wall savings year.

    The biggest news was the huge gift we received that wiped a good portion of the student loan debt. We even succeeded in not taking any more debt for the wedding and the honeymoon. As newlyweds, we’ve decided that tackling the student loans will be our first financial priority.

    This year taxes got crazy. I had a hard time dealing with them early in the year but somehow figured it out. But, at the end of this year I went back to a dumbfounded state about taxes. We didn’t know if we would have to pay taxes on the student loan gift payment, but it turns out that we didn’t have to.

    In 2008 we were light on the posts, especially the meaty financial ones. Our main focus was on the wedding and not much else. Since we now have a future together to plan for we have a lot of financial stuff to talk about in the upcoming months. Stay tuned!

    From the MoneyMix Blog Archives – Spending

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    This is our first post highlighting articles from our writings at the MoneyMix blog. There will definitely be more to come.

    Where Are We? After the honeymoon we realized that we had to get our lives back in order, and for some reason that required us to drive around and run a million errands. Unfortunately, our old GPS broke, so we looked to buy a new one.

    Building Our Home Office Over time, the office in our apartment became a dump for anything and everything. We decided to clean up the clutter so that we could be more productive.

    Recession Tips Re-Cap

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    I don’t know how I missed this, but last week the blog Jeune Marie (which means “newlywed” in French) featured Budget Week, and they had a lot of great posts with tips for weathering the recession in style, for everything from food and clothes to gifts and dating. In case you also missed it (were you under the same rock as me?) here are the links:

    Budget Week
    Tips For a Recession Fashionista
    Budget Gals Grocery Guide
    Wallet-Friendly Date Night

    She writes a lovely blog so enjoy!

    Carnival of Valentine’s Day Personal Finance Bloggers’ Posts

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    Every year, Her and I make stuff for each other for Valentine’s Day. In years past, our homemade crafts have been very hit-or-miss in their final successfulness, but all very hilarious and heartfelt. It is one of the traditions that we both love most about our relationship together.

    Well, that or making as many innuendos about the STIMULUS PACKAGE. Oh yeah baby, I have a stimulus package right here…

    For this week’s roundup, I put together my own little carnival of Valentine’s Day posts from around the blogosphere:

    Oh My Aching DebtsFrugal Valentines: A Price Tag on Love?

    Give Me Back My Five Bucks
    Do You Believe In Valentine’s Day?

    Frugal UpstatePreparing for Valentine’s Day

    American Consumer NewsGreat Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas, How to Be Cheap on Valentines Day Without Getting Your Butt Kicked, Great Ideas for Valentine’s Day Dates

    Dedicated to Financial FreedomNo Chocolates Please

    The Digerati LifeValentine’s Day And Another Gift Idea Down The Drain!

    Not Made Of MoneyA Romantic Valentine’s Day on a Budget, Gifts for Your Financially-Minded Valentine, Five Homemade Valentine’s Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank

    CreditBloggersBah Humbug, Valentine’s Day!

    Geezeo BlogValentine’s Day Spending, Valentine’s Day Flower Savings, Valentine’s Day: The Big Payoff

    FIRE FinanceValentine’s Day Flowers – Top Dozen Online Florists!

    Vixen On A BudgetRidiculously cheap, meaningful and romantic Valentine’s

    calgirlfinance – to financial freedomManaging Holiday Gift Expectations

    The Budget FashionistaValentine’s Day Gifts: Five Great Gifts for Him, $10 or Under, Valentines Days Gifts: Five Great Gifts for Under $25, Valentine’s Day Gifts: Five Great Gifts for $10 or Less, For Her

    The Simple DollarNine Tactics for a Frugal Valentine’s Day

    The Frugal DuchessCheap Cupid: 11 Frugal Ideas for Valentine’s Day

    The Money Hospital, Finance PhysicianValentine’s Day; budget or luxury?

    Finance and Law Adventures
    Valentine’s Day – Money Savings Tip

    Blogging My Way Out Of Debt - Valentine’s Day

    ConsumeristExpensive Flowers Are Better Than No Flowers On Valentine’s Day

    Frugal VillageShow Her the Love, Not the Money

    Money and ValuesFair trade flowers, chocolate, and more for Valentine’s Day

    WisebreadValentine Ideas for the Single Crowd, Cheap and Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day (And Any Other Day of the Year)

    Money WatchIdeas For A Cheaper Valentine’s Day

    How I Save MoneyDid you get your Valentine’s Day Flowers yet?, Countdown to Valentine’s Day

    The Finance JourneyA Dozen Roses The Cheap – $5.98 at Aldi’s

    Get Rich SlowlyMy Frugal Valentine: Cheap Ways to Say “I Love You”

    The Family CEOValentine’s Day Gifts

    Mrs. MicahOur Fun and Frugal Valentine’s Day Plans

    Money Crashers
    One Big Way to Save Money On Valentine’s Day

    Lazy Man and MoneyHow My Wife and I Celebrate Valentine’s Day – Past and Present

    Divorce season. And how to handle Valentine’s Day

    True Cost of ParadiseHow will you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

    Blueprint for Financial ProsperityUnderstand the Five Love Languages

    The Wastrel ShowValentine’s New Meaning

    Million Dollar JourneyFrugal Tips for Valentine’s Day

    Money Blue BookBuying Flowers on Valentine’s Day – Choosing Between A Local Florist Or Ordering Online

    Joseph SanglWays to say “I Love You” on Valentine’s Day

    Running with Scissors
    How I will save money this Valentine’s Day

    Vixen on a Budget
    Valentine’s Is A Success (thus far)!

    Clawing Our Way to Financial HealthValentine’s Day Share the Love Blitz

    Be Thrifty Like Us
    Frugal Valentine’s Day Ideas

    The Money PostValentine’s Day Ideas

    MoneyTalkSometimes I feel like I’m the only one that hates Valentine’s Day

    Free Money Finance10 Tips for a Fun and Frugal Valentine’s Day

    Did I forget yours? Put your Valentine’s Day link in the comments!

    Awesome Advice; Roundup, 2-7-08

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    Wow, you guys are awesome. The response to yesterday’s post floored both Her and me. We had a good time reading though everything. We’ll take all of your comments into account while as we figure out a plan for dealing with the storm known as my mom.

    In the meanwhile, enjoy these articles from around the blogosphere:

    Tired but Happy lists how having family close to her affects her finances. My brother lives across the country and I bet my mom still has a large influence on his finances.

    Mighty Bargain Hunter examines the man-child phenomena. This article has been pretty popular across the blogosphere; my opinion is that as long as you have all your ducks in a row, you should be able to live your life any way you’d like to. Even if that does mean X-box, Doritos, and Mountain Dew.

    Clever Dude tells how being a prisoner at his job saves him money. I’ve found this to be somewhat true as well at my job; the more I’m here, the less chance I get to spend my money elsewhere.

    Madame X at My Open Wallet does a better job in talking about relationships and money than us. She asks about what kind of wealth gap in relationships are you comfortable with? Does the circumstances of the relations have any bearing? Her and I started out making the same amount of money, but I took the lead about a year ago. Since we’re both working for the same goals, the difference really doesn’t mean that much.

    Mint’s Having A Contest; Mini Roundup 1-24-08

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    Mint is having a contest – the winner gets $5,000 and a free credit counseling session. Mint is another one of those new-fangled online financial management programs, one we haven’t checked out. All you have to do to enter the contest is submit a video or a story on how your holiday spending went a little (or a lot) out of control. Those entries are then voted on, and whoever gets the most votes wins, or something like that. Go ahead and check out their contest and how everything goes down. The contest opens today at noon EST and submissions are open until March 15.

    Work has been absolutely killer for us this week, so here’s 2 articles that I’ve had time to actually write down for your reading pleasure this week:

    Tasha at Being Money Smart is a little disappointed that her significant other used allowance money for things that were to be allocated to their joint account.

    The Frugal Bachelor points the way to frugality: beer, and lots of it.

    Roundup, Booking Our Honeymoon Edition

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    I find it a little odd that there are people who don’t believe that credit card rewards can actually be redeemed. The first time I’ve run into that thinking is through a few comments on this blog. Well, Her and I can tell you that, YES, credit card rewards are redeemable, and we’re using them to greatly reduce the cost of our honeymoon. Still haven’t paid a cent of interest on credit cards in a while, and don’t plan to in the future, either.

    Here’s what I thought were good readings in the pfblogosphere this week:

    Over at Get Rich Slowly, JD gives some good advice on whether you should do your own taxes or hire an accountant. We’re probably going to see an accountant this year.

    Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity explains the differences between life insurances: term, whole, universal and variable. Since we’ll be looking for a good plan this year, this is good information to consider.

    While I don’t agree with everything in this post in how to become and stay a millionaire by the Wastrel Show, it does give a very interesting aspect of wealth from a perspective that I haven’t been exposed to.

    Rocket Finances gives us a glimpse of how he does married finances. We do a his-hers-ours plan; we suggest you find the right solution for you.

    We’ve been following 2 Million’s review of Smart Couples Finish Rich. He has a great tip, “My wife and I would go to Starbucks and splurge on drinks or have some margaritas while we read it. Find what it takes to make this more enjoyable for your spouse.” I’m all for coupling an important, potientially drab activity such as talking about finances with something fun.

    Hey, did you know that Single Ma moved? Go check out her awesome new redesigned site, Fabulous Financials, right now!

    Weekly Roundup, Expensive Parking Edition

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    Living in a big city with big city prices has definitely warped my sense of money. For example, when did paying $16 for parking downtown for the day become “cheap”? I guess when there’s other places charging $25+, I guess it isn’t so bad. Onto this week’s roundup…

    Frugal Law Student asks who actually deposits money in ATMs? Answer: We do. For us, it is convenient, quick, and hassle-free.

    Over at Wisebread there is a good article on how a realistic budget can be a marriage saver. The story is quite endearing, and is almost mirrors the way that Her and I do things. Especially budgeting with a bottle of wine.

    Ask Dong tells you that before you date, get a credit report. That is definitely the way to not let your dong see any action.

    Speaking of getting action – guys and gals, if you’re thinking of getting something to spice up the ol’ love life, remember that vibrators are too expensive (and they break easily). Thanks, Her Every Cent Counts, for that.

    Single Ma tells why she kicks ass goes against the grain. I have to agree, the pfblogosphere gets really old when all you read are the same things over and over and over…

    DINKs give some good tips on how to talk about money. We have our State of the Union talk every so often.

    2 Million
    is going through Smart Couples Finish Rich and creating value circles. When we read this book we did the same thing, and going back to these circles really helps us focus on where our money goes.

    Living Almost Large thinks about the consequences of having your parents move in with you. Since both of our parents’ are getting older, we’re going to have to start thinking about decisions like this.

    English Major is thinking about the the economy and how it works. She muses philosophically about topics like the stock market and corporations. What’s really fascinating are the comments which reveal where to get more information.

    Credit Cards In The Cold, Weekly Roundup

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    The weather in Chicago has been pretty crazy. Last week, we went from temperatures in the single digits (with biting wind chills) to 60F+ days. Of course, I chose one of the super cold ass days to leave my credit card at a bar, necessitating a frosty trip back to get it.

    Here’s what I’ve found to interesting reads this week…

    Jonathan at My Money Blog revamping his asset allocation. See how he’s allocating his funds according to which account. His style of asset allocation and number of accounts closely resembles ours.

    Clever Dude reveals how he monetizes his site. As you can tell we’re not exactly ad-free either. We should put up a post detailing our strategies as well.

    Million Dollar Journey
    is considering building a home gym. We have well-used memberships to the health club.

    Making money as a blogger? You may want to check out these 46 tax deductions that bloggers often overlook. (via BeanCounter)

    It’s Your Money tells what he did with his website income in the year of 2007. His isn’t quite the enviable position to be in, is it?

    Are SMART goals really smart? Millionaire Nuemes loudly opposes the prevailing trend towards SMART based goal setting, and challenges you to make and accomplish some Real Goals.

    The Honest Dollar writes a post in defense of personal finance bloggers who write mostly about retirement. Yes, the PFblogosphere is inundated with posts about retirement, frugality, and saving. Here’s a little secret: we try and write about the fun stuff about finances. Read the archives if you don’t believe us!

    Happy 2nd Birthday, Make Love, Not Debt (With Roundup Included!)

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    photo: LensENVY

    On January 1, Make Love, Not Debt had its 2nd blogoversary! I really can’t believe that this project took off the way that it did. I couldn’t have done it without all of you, the readers and pfblogosphere!

    Here are some posts that are pretty interesting:

    2 Million is finding out the difficulties of managing cash flow as a newlywed. Her and I have had our finances intertwined for almost 3 years and we’re still figuring it out.

    Lazy Man has posted his alternative monthly income status report. He raked in an incredible $2,200+, mostly from his blog income!

    Money and Values asks if you go the long way to avoid tolls. We dont – in Chicago tolls aren’t too expensive and we hardly drive. Plus, with the addition of open road tolling we just bite the bullet and go the toll routes.

    eFipo tells how he splurges on the big nights, with a good story from his New Year’s celebrations. We tend to do a lot of small things since we’ve found many cheap forms of entertainment.

    Five Cent Nickel answers a reader question on Roth IRA limits being reached after marriage. This is of particular interest since Her and I will be tying the knot this year, and pay raises may put us close to the income limit.

    We’re in Debt muses: when can you have too much credit? Interesting that they ask, since we’re still wondering what to do with all of our credit cards with no balances.

    Site Maintenance; Comments Closed For A Few Days; Mini-Roundup

    by  • December 14, 2007 • Tagged: , ,  • Comments

    photo: granth

    Make Love, Not Debt will be moving to a new, improved host over the weekend. Comments will be closed until everything is working over at the new host.

    In the meantime, read these posts:

    English Major posts a beautiful narrative of a night out. Definitely some of the best writing the PF blogosphere has seen.

    Jim and JD square off about whether or not to use home equity (link to Jim’s) to pay down unsecured debt (link to JD’s). We’re thinking of doing this to pay off student loans. Don’t worry, we’ll write a post about this so that you can berate us comment on it.

    Boston Gal treats herself to solar panels.

    Trent lays out his goals for 2008. We’re going to have to get on that.

    We usually don’t do these round-up type posts, but we’re rethinking that for next year.