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    Financial Doldrums

    by  • October 9, 2007 • Tagged: ,  • Comments

    photo: atconc

    Wow. Two weeks without a post. In internet time, that’s equivalent to being dead for a few hundred years.

    The above picture nicely represents how much extra time has gone towards finances. In the last two weeks both Her and I have been swamped with work, social, and volunteering obligations that haven’t left us much time to write quality posts. The fact of the matter is that financially, we’re coasting along. Our savings are automatically being deducted from our salaries and deposited into the appropriate accounts. Whee.

    I’ve decided to skip the net worth statement for this month because I’m behind on bookkeeping – we’ve incurred more than a usual amount of reimbursable work expenditures that need to be tallied up.

    This week isn’t any better busy-wise, either. It is quite nice that when we’re this busy, we have no time to spend money. Maybe that’s a good thing.