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    Our Peers Aren’t Doing So Bad

    by  • February 1, 2007 • Tagged: , , ,  • Comments

    I have a ton of websites that are currently in my feedreader, but only a few that I visit daily. Of them, the Chicago-based Gaper’s Block (origin of the name) is surely one of my favorites. The site is well-designed, contains articles about lesser known Chicago happenings around town, and even has a calendar of (often free) events that we usually end up going to.

    One of the sections on the site is called “Fuel,” a feature that asks a question and asks the general community to share their answer. The questions range from where to eat breakfast to whether or not you believe in UFOs to what your favorite zoo animal is. Of particular interest to those in the personal finance blog community were two questions that were asked recently: How much do you earn annually? and especially Are you saving for the future? How?

    After reading all of the responses, I was quite surprised – the audience that Gaper’s Block attracts is usually anti-corporate, anti-mainstream, art-loving hipsters and hipster wannabes. Despite that generality, many of them were well aware that they need to be saving for the future. Many had accounts with ING Direct and contributed to their retirement plan at work. Sure, their answers weren’t highly polished replies that meandered over the benefits of asset allocation. That’s okay though, as for them, money is just a means to an end.

    Much of the has been said in the pfblogosphere about how much we think our peers aren’t saving. It is nice to see, that at least for this particular instance, my original assumptions were very wrong.

    Hipster Finances

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    I’ll admit – I somewhat subscribe to the hipster culture. My favorite places to be in Chicago are Empty Bottle, The Metro, Double Door. I listen to bands you’ve never heard of: Mates of State, Headlights, Bloc Party, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. I won’t go to Starbucks because it is too mainstream. Although, I am kind of glad to be a little too chunky to dress completely like them, with those ridiculously tight jeans and ironic t-shirts. Okay, I love the ironic t-shirts, they’re just not that tight on me. Visit Wicker Park in Chicago or Williamsburg, Brooklyn and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

    In case you didn’t already figure this out, my inspiration for the above image is Ramit’s series on young people and finances. I’ve noticed that all of the people in his pictures are pretty much, well, yuppies.

    Hipsters should be thinking about money, too. They already shop at thrift stores and drink cheap PBR. Why not save some of that money?

    What do you think? Do you have any suggestions?

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