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    A Way For the Non-Techies to Keep Up

    by  • March 7, 2006 • Tagged: ,  • Comments

    I keep up with news and blog updates through my newsreader, but I’m pretty sure that many people don’t have the time or inclination to learn all about the wonders of RSS (and that includes Her). If you’re interested in getting on the RSS bandwagon, there’s a great article over at Blogcritics.org telling you why you should get on it (via Digg). I’ve saved so much time keeping up with news and blogs by subscribing to feeds. By the way, have you subscribed to our feed?

    For those of you who enjoy the life of a Luddite, I signed up with FeedBlitz (through FeedBurner) to enable you to be notified via email whenever we post something new to this blog. You can find the signup over in the sidebar. You don’t ever want to miss any of our posts, right?

    I Need a New FeedReader – Bloglines Keeps “Losing” My Feeds

    by  • March 7, 2006 • Tagged: ,  • Comments

    Earlier this month, I’ve had problems with Bloglines NOT picking up my Feedburner feed, saying it didn’t exist and gave me the dreaded red [!], so I offered an alternative feed. A few days later Bloglines decided that my original feed existed and all is well with the world, but as soon as the original feed was picked up, the alternative feed in Bloglines gave me the red [!] and says it doesn’t exist, and hasn’t for a few weeks now. Great.

    Today I go to Bloglines to read my daily news, and now my Digg.com feed is showing the dreaded red [!]. No updates! OH THE HUMANITY.

    I know, I know, actually VISITING the site isn’t that difficult you say? BUT IT IS INCONVIENIENT AND I’M LAZY AND FORGETFUL.

    Bloglines, I LIKE using you, but you’re having trouble doing the one thing you’re supposed to do: aggregate feeds and serve them up to me.

    Anyone have a suggestion for a new newsreader? Web-based only please.

    Feeds drive me crazy

    by  • February 24, 2006 • Tagged:   • Comments

    Damn you, Bloglines.

    Shortly after work today the original Feedburner feed started to work again.

    At the same time, the alternate Feedburner feed decides to NOT WORK.

    I don’t know what to tell you, oh patient readers. Having two Feedburner feeds kind of defeats the purpose of having a Feedburner feed. Here’s a proposal:

    I would prefer if you please subscribe to the original Feedburner feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/MakeLoveNotDebt

    If that isn’t working (I’m looking at you, Bloglines users), then you can try subscribing to either one of the following:
    Atom Feed: http://www.makelovenotdebt.com/atom.xml
    RSS 2.0 Feed: http://www.makelovenotdebt.com/index.xml

    And for those subscribed to the alternate feed only – I’ll leave it up, but I won’t advertise its existence.

    We’ll get back to juicy financial talk tomorrow. We’re drunk.

    Stupid Bloglines

    by  • February 23, 2006 • Tagged:   • Comments

    If you have subscribed to our blog using the Bloglines service, please change your subscription URL to the following:


    If you are NOT using Bloglines, you can either stay subscribed to our FeedBurner feed, or change to the alternative feed.

    On Monday I noticed that FeedBurner was not picking up ANY of our Bloglines subscribers, but still tracked all of our other subscribers. On Monday night, I noticed that Bloglines had the dreaded red “!” next to our FeedBurner feed, that says it can’t find our feed. Now, I’m not crazy, but this feed DOES exists. Anyhow, if you’re a Bloglines subscriber, please change your subscription.