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    $125K paid off (not us)

    by  • February 16, 2006 • Tagged: ,  • Comments

    I was cruising the Fool.com discussion boards today, and saw this post of the day about a family with over $125K in credit card and consumer debt, paid off in 7.5 years! They did it with a combination of the snowball method of paying off credit cards, personal finance discipline, and a lot of hope. ... Read more →

    20.99% no more!

    by  • February 10, 2006 • Tagged: , ,  • Comments

    My second credit card ever was a Citibank Platinum Mastercard, with a credit limit of $1,800. I was young and seduced by the fact that I was receiving a Platinum card. The card came just in time for Christmas, but more importantly, it came right after I maxed out my first credit card! This card ... Read more →

    Awesomely bad credit card offer

    by  • January 21, 2006 • Tagged:   • Comments

    Okay, so a few years ago I missed some payments on a few of my credit cards. As a result, my current FICO score is a dismal 661. I’ve been doing well for the past year and a half, and I have even managed to get some of the credit card companies to lower my ... Read more →