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    Putting a Stop To Spending

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    I Do Not Have to Own All the Clothes

    While I generally think of myself as someone incapable of mindless spending, over the past few months I realize that I’ve been putting more money towards a variety of purchases than I would have liked. This has something to do with my current occupation – as I’ve written before, my current (and relatively new) job requires that I dress much more nicely than I’ve previously needed to, and as a result I’ve found myself spending money on clothing, if not quite willy-nilly, then close to it. Yes, there were the justifiable expenses – five identical black turtlenecks from Ann Taylor for winter work attire (I lack creativity, get cold easily, and spill food on myself with such frequency that these have already paid for themselves several times over); black boots from L.L. Bean that are real leather, great for the office, and even better for going out in my freezing cold New England city when I’m meeting friends for dinner or drinks; a few very much on-sale dresses that I can wear for the upcoming onslaught of weddings. But then there were the little things that I could “justify” if I tried, and which, added up, made me uncomfortable with where my spending was going. I may be trying to buy only things that I love and that will serve me well in many capacities for a long time, but that doesn’t mean I have to own all of those things at once.

    What finally made me reassess my spending was a Lilly Pulitzer dress I’d had my eye on for a while. This purchase was partly inspired by my lifelong quest to transform myself into someone who at least has the wardrobe, if not the life, of an old-money WASP, and partly by my desire for a cute beach cover-up for the summer. For those of you familiar with Lilly Pulitzer, I can assure you that it was on the low, low end of that clothing line’s cost spectrum. But after I bought it, I thought to myself, “Did I really need this now? Was this something I should have considered a bit more before making the purchase?” I worried that I had purchased it when I did out of a momentary desire to own a Lilly Pulitzer dress, as well as the lure of free-shipping. These motivators, while understandable, should not be my reasoning for making a big purchase.

    Spawned by my discomfort, I considered my closet. I feel that over the past few years I’ve made good choices – I’ve bought things that I like, that I really wear, and that will look good for some time. I try not to make frivolous or impulsive purchases. But the fact that I’d bought a few more unnecessary items than my closet needed – and that I’d done so somewhat thoughtlessly – prompted a decision. I won’t be buying any clothes for a few months. I could be less of a coward about this, and say, “I WILL SPEND NO MONEY ON CLOTHES FOR FIVE MONTHS,” but I worry that a rule like that will just breed a self-resentment that will end up in a cranky moment in J.Crew, feeling sorry for myself and pulling out my credit card for something unspeakably useless and expensive. So instead, I’ll be doing my best to be much more thoughtful. When I try to justify that purchase of a dress for a friend’s wedding, I’ll remember that I already have more than enough from which to choose. When I covet that pretty new J.Crew bracelet (sometimes I think J.Crew should pay me for all of the times I mention them on this website), I’ll remember that I have plenty of pretty bracelets that I don’t wear enough as it is. It isn’t about denying myself – it’s about considering what I have.

    Have you ever put yourself on a spending hiatus?

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    Plasma Screen TVs are the New Diamonds

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    I wonder if Tiffany’s has a blue box big enough to wrap a 60″ plasma screen TV. They may need boxes that big pretty soon, as a recent study found that 3 out of 4 women would prefer a plasma screen TV over a diamond necklace.

    If this is the case, this guy knew exactly what he was doing.

    Women in this study would also favor a plasma screen TV over a weekend vacation in Florida, and would also prefer a digital video camera over a pair of shoes.

    I wonder if this would work for engagement rings as well…

    Her: “Uh…Him, why is there a plasma screen TV in my champaign?”

    Him: “It’s a surprise. You’ll see later.”


    Him: “Happy Anniversary!”

    Her: “Oh, some RAM! It’s beautiful!”

    The one thing that I would be afraid of, though, is if diamond encrusted plasma TVs ever hit the market. Then we males would be in real trouble.

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    Wanted: Your Favorite Black Shirt

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    I want the perfect black shirt for spring. I have terrible luck with black shirts. They fade, shrink, pill and stretch. I’ve owned some that did all four. So this spring I am looking for your little black shirt referral. I live and shop in Chicago, so almost any brand is easily available to me. Here are my requirements:

    • It must be long enough in the torso to flatter. I’m tired of pulling down my shirt every time I stand up. It should hit just below the hip, and I have a long torso.
    • It should stay true to color. I am willing to dry clean but not hand wash. The sink is full of dishes and the last thing I need is a sweater on top.
    • It should be made of a flattering fabric. Nothing slinky or clingy.
    • It should have a nice neckline for work. My gazongas should stay neatly tucked away between 9 and 5.
    • No shrinking or stretching allowed!

    Can you recommend a favorite black shirt? It needs to be this season’s merchandise but one that you’ve already successfully worn, washed, and worn again. I’m looking for an honest recommendation for a product I can purchase this spring.

    Art + Stuff = Rock!

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    We here at Make Love, Not Debt are huge advocates of the DIY arts/craft culture. In fact, I even have a photoblog (no link because, well, that would destroy our anonymity, and we wouldn’t want that, right?) that I semi-regularly post photos to. And she likes to crochet!

    We also like to buy stuff. Well, we used to like to buy lots of stuff, but now we just covet stuff.

    So you could tell we were super excited to see a blog that combines both. Consumerist highlighted the super-cool blog Obsessive Consumption today, and I almost fell out of my chair. Artist Kate Binagaman draws the things that she buys. She also draws her credit card statements. Totally rad. Her site design left me drooling.

    She’s also been mentioned over at BoingBoing, so I’d suggest getting to her site before the server goes boom.