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    This (Frugal?) American Life

    by  • March 22, 2007 • Tagged:   • Comments

    We’ve previously discussed how much we love the NPR/Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ) show This American Life. If you like the show and haven’t been living under a rock you know that the televison version of the show will be premiering tonight on Showtime.

    I have never been a subscriber of premium cable channels in my life. I had no idea of how much a subscription to Showtime would be. $5 a month? $25 a month?

    So I call DirecTV (who has stellar customer service) and I ask about getting a subscription to Showtime.

    $12 a month.

    I’m wasn’t quite sure I wanted to pay that much for only one show. Of course I asked…

    “Do you have any specials going on right now?”

    The rep put me on hold for a minute and came back on the line. He said they could give me Showtime for $2 a month, for the next six months.

    Sold. At least for six months.

    Get in my TiVo, Ira Glass! (Oh, and TBH asked if Ira Glass was hot; I don’t think he’s a very attractive man [you know the saying - perfect face for radio], but I think Her would disagree…)

    (on a side note, is there anything else worth watching on Showtime? Bueller?)