• Short Update on My IRS Situation and Other Miscellaney

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    If you’ve been following us on Twitter (@lovenotdebt) you’d have known that I’ve been dealing with the IRS and their mistakes that I talked about in this post. I’m actually on hold with the IRS as I write this post, and I imagine that I look like this: I’ll be posting soon about what’s happened ... Read more →

    Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz

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    I had the opportunity to enjoy an “Employee Appreciation Day” at work recently, which of course resulted in conversations having nothing to do with money that I promptly interpreted into financial lessons for us all. On this particular sunny afternoon, a few co-workers were discussing their addiction to iced coffee. Where I live, iced coffee, ... Read more →

    How Much is That Long-Distance Relationship Going to Cost You?

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    The following is a guest post from Pauline Paquin, a long time reader who has recently started to blog over at Reach Financial Independence. Born and raised in Paris, France, Pauline blogs about how she has been traveling the world for the past 10 years, while trying to build wealth and achieve financial independence, and ... Read more →

    What You Save in a Hurry

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    There are many benefits to our current situation, beyond the obvious points of no-rent and free food. The students here are genuinely interesting, intellectually engaged kids who are, by and large, well-behaved and very nice. There are times when I feel like a den-mother, asking nineteen-year-olds what kind of cookies they’d like at a study ... Read more →

    Fall is Here! Favorite Tweets!

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    The air is crisp, leaves are changing color, and Starbucks managed to prevent a shortage of pumpkin spice lattes. Ah fall. I hope that you’re enjoying your fall and also enjoying what we’ve been posting on the blog. Abby is signed up through the rest of the year so expect to read much more of ... Read more →

    In Which I Renege

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    Readers of this blog will recall the vehemence with which I railed against smart phones. Not for me! I cried. You’re all wasting your money! Plan ahead, and stop texting during our coffee dates! From my high horse, I came up with dozens of reasons why my plain old little non-data phone was, and is, ... Read more →

    5 Things Parents Routinely Overpay For

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    Elle writes over at Couple Money, helping couples to reach financial freedom by living one one income and having fun with the second. Becoming parents has changed our lives dramatically and so far it’s been a blast. One of the first things we noticed is how our finances have changed with having a little one. ... Read more →

    No Big Deal, Just Bleeding Money

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    My husband and I have a joint savings account (which, to be fair, is currently totally funded by me) which we have titled “House Fund.” This is a misleading name, in part because we may never actually buy a house, and we use it for a variety of other expensive things that we would need ... Read more →

    In Which We Spend all Our Money Eating Out

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    This past week, I traveled to Washington, DC, where my husband is doing an internship. It was lovely to see him after a month apart, but with a week away I knew I had to do some prep-work in the apartment. This largely involved eating everything in my fridge that could go bad, including finding ... Read more →

    Making a Budget for Newlyweds

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    When a couple marries, chances are high that they are not thinking about finances. However, it is essential for a new family to create a budget. This allows each person to take on responsibility and ensure success for the future: Create a Portfolio When two people come together, finances also come together. A person may ... Read more →

    Small Savings Can Lead to Big Gains

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    When we started this blog in 2006, we had a little over $18K in credit card debt. That number was probably higher since we had already started paying down that debt. Also back then, our salaries were about 35% lower than they are now. Since our main goal back then was to get rid of ... Read more →

    Re-appropriating My Wedding Dress

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    When my husband and I got married last year, I knew I would have to come to terms with spending unreasonable sums of money on things that would be ridiculous and unavoidable one-use items. Flowers, rented chairs, a veil – these were all things that would be employed for exactly one day, cost lots of ... Read more →

    No IRS, I Don’t Owe You $7,000

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    To this day, I still love getting physical, tangible, U.S. Letter Carrier delivered mail. Of course, these days that is becoming increasingly scarce (Postal Service shutdowns notwithstanding) as most of my communications arrive via electronic mail. However, there’s one envelope with my name and address that I never like to receive: an IRS-sent letter. The ... Read more →

    Reading to Save

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    One of my projects this summer is to read through Shelby Foote’s three volume history of the Civil War. There are a few motivators behind this several-thousand-page journey through the mid-nineteenth century – self-betterment, a general interest, a long-held goal. But mostly, I want to get my husband, who is Southern born and bred, to ... Read more →

    GoDaddy Outage Got You Down? Switch to Namecheap!

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    If you were on the internet at all yesterday you may have noticed that some of your favorite websites were down. There’s a pretty good chance that they were down because GoDaddy was at the receiving end of a vicious hack. Not only were millions of GoDaddy websites down, but all of their services as ... Read more →

    Children Are Expensive

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    One of the things that happens when you suddenly realize you will have more money in your twenties than you had previously thought (see: living rent-free) is that you start to consider what kind of adult things you could do with that money. Retirement savings! Maybe one day we can afford a house! Etc. And ... Read more →

    Congrats Plutus Award Winners! Favorite Tweets!

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    Right now, your favorite finance bloggers are breathing oxygen-thin air a mile above sea level in Denver at the 2012 Financial Blogger Conference. Except for me. Last night the winners of the Plutus Awards were announced, but unfortunately Make Love, Not Debt did not take home the prize for Best Debt Focused Blog. The winner ... Read more →