• Honeymoon Registry Conclusion

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    After all the analysis we’ve done, we’ve concluded that while we want to have a honeymoon registry, we don’t want to use the services of a professional honeymoon registry service. He’s quite good at making websites, so our new plan is to attempt to create our own honeymoon registry website in conjunction with our wedding ... Read more →

    Problems with Honeymoon Registries

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    When you’re getting excited about your honeymoon and you see a flashy honeymoon registry website, it’s tempting to sign up right away and start planning all the fun stuff you’ll do! Fortunately, I was able to resist temptation long enough to ponder some fishy issues with these websites. What’s interesting is that because the industry ... Read more →

    Finances Feel Yummy

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    Lately we’ve been posting a lot about our prior mistakes and current hardships, and some readers have commented that our debt seems hopeless. I think this is worth some discussion. Money isn’t just a number on a statement; it’s also an emotional roller coaster. We’re on the right track, we’re reducing our debt, but there ... Read more →

    How the Honeymoon Registry Works

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    There are lots of variations on how these work, but most follow the same pattern. 1. The couple creates an account on a honeymoon registry website. Setup fees range from free to $150 or more. 2. The couple arranges their honeymoon travel through their own or one of the website’s partner travel agents. The couple ... Read more →

    New Theme: the Honeymoon Registry

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    We have recently begun planning our wedding registry, and we were planning on doing both a traditional gift registry as well as one of those newfangled honeymoon registries. These allow couples to register for all the aspects of their honeymoon, from airline tickets to souvenirs. Initially it sounded fantastic! I began by doing some lunchtime ... Read more →

    This is Going to Hurt

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    This week we learned that this is going to be an expensive weekend. First, I found out that I’m 7,000 miles overdue to have my brakes replaced. We are going to have them repaired by a trusted mechanic rather than the dealership, so that should save us some fluff. Still, I expect the total cost ... Read more →

    $125K paid off (not us)

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    I was cruising the Fool.com discussion boards today, and saw this post of the day about a family with over $125K in credit card and consumer debt, paid off in 7.5 years! They did it with a combination of the snowball method of paying off credit cards, personal finance discipline, and a lot of hope. ... Read more →

    Reverse Carnival of Money Mistakes

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    We’ve been listed on MyMoneyBlog’s Reverse Carnival of Money Mistakes! Thanks, Jonathan, for spreading our mistakes around the blogosphere so that other people can laugh at our dumbasses.

    Mistakes We’ve made

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    We recently heard about the Mistakes Carnival, and we got inspired to have a good laugh at some of our dumber financial moments. Please, don’t try these at home! He took out a payday loan at like 200% interest…then locked his keys in his car in the parking lot and had to call her collect ... Read more →


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    Thank you to all the bloggers who commented on our China post. We realized that we’d neglected to do two things: 1) Describe our style to our readers and 2) Work as a team to create a registry that reflects our values. Those comments inspired us to have a three-hour registry discussion last night. To ... Read more →

    Carnival of Debt Reduction #22

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    We’re listed at this week’s Carnival of Debt Reduction, hosted by Retire at 30. My post about reducing my SIMPLE RIA contribution to reduce debt is featured there. Go ahead and check out the other articles!

    Employee Benefits

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    –Roast chicken with olive tapenade marinade, corn and green chile bisque, smoked ham and mozzarella stromboli –Grilled habanero pork chops with apple chutney, cole slaw, and herb-roasted Yukon potatoes –Grilled petite New York sirloin seasoned with Creole spices and Crescent City steak sauce and served with organic onion rings Valentine’s Day dinner? Nope. According to ... Read more →


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    Today my mom called to say she saw some fine china on sale and she asked us to begin looking at patterns for our registry. So we went online to www.theknot.com and looked at their massive china selection. We noticed that some of the patterns cost several thousands of dollars per piece, so we won’t ... Read more →

    Good Choices

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    As a comparison to my parents Bad Choices, I’ve decided to list some of the Good Choices we’ve made as a couple: -Chose to complete our education before getting engaged -Chose to save up and pay cash for the engagement ring, even though it meant waiting longer than we wanted to -Chose to work as ... Read more →

    Bad Choices

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    Since we recently got engaged, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the phone with my mom, discussing wedding plans. This conversation has opened the door for my mom to share her memories of being young and married. My parents married at 18, and my mom gave birth to her first child at 19, ... Read more →

    20.99% no more!

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    My second credit card ever was a Citibank Platinum Mastercard, with a credit limit of $1,800. I was young and seduced by the fact that I was receiving a Platinum card. The card came just in time for Christmas, but more importantly, it came right after I maxed out my first credit card! This card ... Read more →

    Organizing Coupons

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    There’s nothing more frustrating than a misplaced coupon when you’re standing in line at the checkout. We tried using prepackaged coupon organizers, but found them to be just awful. For example, the one we bought had only eight dividers, which led to some baffling categories, such as the one that included “Cookies, Pet food and ... Read more →

    January 2006 Net Worth – We’re Broke!

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      January 2006 TOTAL NET WORTH -$98,615.39 Assets Joint Checking $285.49 Joint Savings $2,798.83 Petty Cash $300.00 His SIMPLE IRA $2,945.29 His Roth IRA $6,373.72 His HSA $816.34 Her 401K $5,122.00 Her Roth IRA $1,276.00 Upromise $52.94 Automobile $10,435.00 Household Items $25,000.00 TOTAL ASSETS $55,405.61 Liabilities Credit Cards $18,054.88 Student Loans $135,966.11 TOTAL LIABILITIES $154,020.99 ... Read more →