• Don’t Spend Your Savings!

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    Maybe it’s a problem unique to me, but every time I used to find a way to trim my budget, I ended up just spending the savings. Spending My Savings Prime example – I used to spend roughly $3 per workday on coffee drinks, which multiplied by 20 workdays a month, meant that I coughed ... Read more →

    Insurance for Pubs

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    A pub isn’t like most other businesses, and has specific problems that may arise that are unique to it, such as loss of license, damage caused by customers, and potential injury to members of staff. Ideally, these types of incidents will be few and far between but, if they do occur, it will be important ... Read more →

    Top Eight Ways to Deal with Spousal Debt

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    Dealing with financial matters is very important for any married couple. It may make or break a relationship as the future of the family is at stake. It is the job of every couple to make sure that they are financially secure. But in certain circumstances the expenditures may go over the set limit. There ... Read more →

    How Plastic Can Actually Help

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    In the financial services industry, experts often give credit cards the lion’s share of the blame for consumers accumulating debt. Although credit cards can definitely cause problems if they are not used correctly, they can actually be good when in the right hands. If you’re concerned about how credit cards can hurt your financial situation, ... Read more →

    Income Insurance as a Way to Protect Against Debt

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    If you have an income, you should be thinking about income protection insurance. Many of us protect our cars with car insurance, we protect our bodies with health insurance, and we protect our homes with home insurance. Nevertheless, many of us seem to overlook protecting our income. Most households rely on at least one salary coming in, ... Read more →

    The Tale of My First Electronics Purchase

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    I grew up with an 7-years older brother who loved electronics, most notably home theater stuff. When he was in college, he would come back with an awesome a/v receiver, a cd player from a brand that I’ve never heard of, a hi-fi cassette tape deck, and the newest high quality VCR player (hey this was ... Read more →

    Green-Eyed Monsters

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    Despite having what one might call a healthy sense of self-confidence, there are moments when I feel overwhelmed with envy for what other have. If I’ve been eyeing a dress online and deemed it irresponsible to purchase it, I’ll seethe just a little bit when I spy a co-worker wearing it the next week. This ... Read more →

    You’re Hired! Now Here’s a Car Payment

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    One of the great things about my current job is that my wife and I can commute together, whether it be by public transportation (in the past) or by car (currently). While I’ve waxed poetic on how much I love my job, I found myself a few weeks ago interviewing for another position. It’s a ... Read more →

    Cyber-Monday Pity Shopping

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    I have been exceedingly good when it comes to spending and saving in these last few months of 2012. Influx of money from doing more work than anticipated? Into the savings account it goes! Need a new dress for a variety of upcoming occasions because I’ve worn the same two dresses so many times that ... Read more →

    The Trouble with Christmas

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    The title here is deceptive, because really, the obvious trouble with Christmas is that I’m Jewish, and don’t celebrate it. But! When you marry someone who does celebrate it, and you don’t have your own family competing to get you to celebrate it with them, then Christmas becomes your holiday too. No, the real trouble ... Read more →

    Are Two Birthday Parties Too Many?

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    After almost 2 years of being parents, my wife and I have realized that we have a “Spirited Child”, ie, a child who is just more of everything. As such, we’re trying to be sensitive to his needs, temperament, and personality. Large scale disruptions can mean hours (yes, plural) of uncontrollable tantrums. Included in these ... Read more →

    Giveaway Reminder! Favorite Tweets!

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    Just a reminder that the $100 giveaway contest ends today at 11:00 PM CST. Read about emergency funds and enter the contest here! As I’ve talked about on our Facebook page, we’re pretty much all set for Thanksgiving; we’ve ordered a turkey and sides. That’ll help immensely considering the difficulty it will be to even ... Read more →

    Planning for Holiday Spending

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    One of the most revolutionary things my young financial mind discovered upon entering the world of personal finance writing after college was the concept of early saving for holiday spending. I had always found myself unpleasantly stressed as the holidays arrived, particularly after I started spending Christmas with my husband’s family. They are a very ... Read more →

    Ways to Spend Money in a Hurricane

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    As I write this (ed. last week, of course), Hurricane Sandy is pounding down our door (read: causing some trees outside to sway slightly). Work has been cancelled; schools are shut down; public transportation is offline, and we’re holed up inside waiting to see if the hype was accurate. One would assume that in the ... Read more →

    Giveaway! Guest Posts! Favorite Tweets!

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    Happy Friday! It’s been quite the week here at Make Love, Not Debt. Here’s a wrap up of what’s been going on. Guest Posts Abby wrote a guest post for Couple Money — Figuring Out Financial Equality in A Marriage I wrote a post for Reach Financial Independence — Who Did I Marry, Financially? Giveaway ... Read more →

    My Only Domestic Skill

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    When my husband and I moved in together, it became evident that certain things would be left to him, and certain things to me. His idea of “making the bed,” for instance, involves mostly pulling at the blankets until only part of them are a giant, wadded-up mess; I prefer a taut surface you can ... Read more →