• Help Wanted – Paid Blogging Opportunity

    What’s this gig all about?

    We’re looking for a blogger to write 6 posts per month. In return, we’ll pay you $150. For the non-math inclined, that’s $25 per post. We feel that it is fair compensation compared with the rest of the industry.

    We don’t care if you bang them out in an hour and send them all to us at once or if you spend a whole weekend on a post and submit once or twice a week. We expect you to have a friendly, conversational tone. Posts should be around 300-500 words long (not including quotes from other sources, image captions, etc). Longer is better, of course, and shorter is…not better. We’ll have the final editorial decision on whether a post is acceptable. Your payment will be contingent on the number of accepted posts per month.

    The topics should be those that fit with the tone of our blog. Personal finance stuff. How you deal with finances with a significant other. How money affects the relationships between you and your family or friends. Commentary on personal finance articles. You know, that stuff.

    The articles must be original and not published in any form anywhere. We won’t accept “spun” articles. Seriously, just 6 well-written articles a month.

    If you want to promote a product with one of your posts, go ahead. Just make sure that you keep the same conversational tone in that article, too. Don’t be spammy. That’s not cool.

    In fact, if you want to promote a product, you can make at least $150 per month.

    What do you mean “at least $150″?

    We’re going to do something crazy. Because we’re in the Land of Lincoln (Illinois), we’re unable to use the Amazon Associates program. However, if you live in a state that Amazon doesn’t ban (any state other than Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, Rhode Island, or Connecticut) we’ll allow you to use your affiliate ID to promote products. 

    This isn’t limited to only the Amazon Affiliate Program, either. You can promote products from any affiliate program (eg, Commission Junction, Share a Sale, Google Affiliate, etc) and use your links. 

    Any money that comes in from these affiliate referrals is yours. All yours.

    Again, we’d prefer if you promote only products that you actually use. Don’t be spammy. Not cool.

    Anything else?

    We’ll start out with a 2-month contract. After that we’ll see how you’re doing and how well your posts fit in with the rest of our content, and can even talk about adjusting your compensation. We would love to establish a long-term relationship with you as it makes our lives much, much easier.

    All of your posts are your copyright, but we would have the non-exclusive right to reuse in another form. Don’t worry, we probably will never do this, but if we wanted to do this we would discuss it with you first. The only caveat is that we would retain the first right to publish the work exclusively on Make Love, Not Debt, for 90 days. After 90 days, you’re free to do whatever with the content. We’ll go over this with you again at the contract-signing stage.

    We’d appreciate it if you’d do whatever you could to promote your own posts and Make Love, Not Debt in general. Whether it be through Twitter, Facebook, handing out flyers at the mall, whatever. This is not mandatory but it would be nice. We’ll do what we can in the usual social media methods to promote your blog post.

    Sounds good. Who are you looking for?

    You probably are from an urban metropolis, have more in common with Portlandia than The Apprentice, have a wry sense of humor, have a sometimes flippant attitude about money, get angry at comma splices, are in a relationship, are a few years out of college but are still in your prime baby making years, are established but not necessarily senior in your career, might have a kid or two, and want to make a few bucks on the side.

    You love or at least like to write. You might have a young-ish blog that you also write at and are looking for more exposure. For some reason, personal finance takes up a large chunk of your brain and you need to get it out in written form.

    You’re pretty good with technology and have figured out this inter-web tube thingy. You’ve at least heard of WordPress and may have used it. You’re prompt and get your work in by or on the deadline (don’t make us nag you, please). You have great communication skills and don’t flake out on people (don’t make us nag you, please). You may have a good grasp of how to write for the internet, SEO, and all that goodness.

    Great! Now how do I apply?

    There’s a handy-dandy form below that you should fill out. Don’t email us, use the form. The form, fill it out.

    We hope to hire someone quickly, so we’ll be accepting applications no later than Monday, February 20.

    Good luck!

    The application deadline has now passed. We’ll be notifying everyone by Thursday, February 23. Thanks for your interest!