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    Current statistics state that half of all marriages fail. One of the top reasons for divorce is disputes over finances! This is the story of Him and Her, a recently engaged married couple living together in Chicago. They may have a lot of debt (but not as much as they used to), but believe they can conquer it with a little love and a lot of style.

    A Little Introduction

    At Make Love, Not Debt, we blog about the intersection of relationships and finances and how one usually has an influence over the other. We started this blog in our’s 20′s as an unengaged couple living together in sin, with a massive amount of debt. Now, we’re in our 30′s, married, and have a toddler. However, we’re still living in the same place and still with a good amount of debt. Along the way we’ve coerced other writers to share their stories, as well. Here’s a little more about who we are and who else decided to come along for the ride.

    What We Aren’t

    We’re not a conventional personal finance blog. We don’t talk about market conditions, what the Fed is doing, or tips on how to get a good return on investments. Nor are we a frugality blog – you won’t read about reusing toilet paper or washing sandwich bags or cutting open tubes of toothpaste to get one more day of clean teeth. We now have a kid but we’re not a mommy or daddy blog. We’re also not perfect, nor do we particularly strive to be so.

    Carefully Selected Posts For You to Enjoy

    Over the past 6 years we’ve written close to 600 posts. We’ve taken some time to pick out what we think are the best ones.

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