• To Love, Honor and Financially Obliterate

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    (photo: lionheartphotography) “A lot of people wonder how you know you’re in love. Just ask yourself this one question: ‘Would I mind being financially destroyed by this person?’” I first came across that quote hanging on my friend John’s fridge, soon after he started dating fellow friend Fahmi. Since Fahmi was on the verge of ... Read more →

    Should you insure Fluffy and Spot?

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    photo: theogeo When I posted a few weeks back about my cat’s sudden spate of vet bills, several people responded with questions about pet insurance. Is it worth it? Rarely. Here’s why. Matthew Amster-Burton just posted an excellent column at Mint explaining why some types of insurance are worth carrying and most aren’t. The short ... Read more →

    Money and power

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    photo: angusf Personal finance blogger Eilene Zimmerman had a post recently that really intrigued me: How Money Can Hurt Your Marriage. Eilene hits right on the head a thing that has always played, subconsciously, into my own relationship dynamics: the way finances become a power tool. Eilene’s then-partner significantly out-earned her. "One of the biggest ... Read more →

    Love for sale, please bring $$$$

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    photo: David Dyte My cat broke. Expensively. It started when we noticed that his front teeth were noticeably protruding, more so than usual. "Let’s nickname him Fang," I suggested. "Have you had a vet look at that!?" my more observant and empathetic friend asked a few days later. Kea was about six months overdue for ... Read more →

    Financial inversions

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    photo: alykat I’ve always had a pretty laisser-faire approach to calculating “my share” of financial transactions with friends and family. It stems from my previously mentioned commie streak — instead of allocating shares of bills dead equally, I’m inclined to let the person of the most means shoulder a larger share. Throughout most of my ... Read more →

    Taking a Break from Monogamy

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    photo: TheTruthAbout… It started, like all dalliances do, because I was having problems with my partner. My needs weren’t being met. My list of little dissatisfactions was growing longer — an irritation there, an annoyance there, and suddenly my eye started wandering off toward other options. Then Charles showed up. "Talk to me," he campaigned. ... Read more →

    The Price of Compromise

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    photo: somebox My husband David and I recently tackled the Big Scary Most-Expensive Thing You’ll Ever Buy investment: buying an apartment. In New York City. It was one of those “well, they say if it doesn’t kill us it’ll make us stronger …” experiences. The most financially fraught moments came at the end, at the ... Read more →