• The Best Investments In Myself

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    During these tough economic times, I have investments in something that has a high rate of return and little risk: ME. Fortunately, I started investing in myself before everything hit the fan; because of that I feel that I am in a good position to keep my job or even advance my career. Here’s two ... Read more →

    Does Recession Equal Romance?

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    Usually when I receive press releases I just ignore them; deleting them would be too much work. But, when I saw the title New Survey Finds Couples Site Recession for Boost in Romance, I had to bite. While I’m not going to regurgitate the whole thing here, I’ll grab some highlights and put our commentary ... Read more →

    Financial Goals for 2009

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    While we are already pretty well into 2009, it isn’t too late for us to officially declare our 2009 financial goals. We’re now married, so our financial priorities have changed accordingly…and they happen to be house and baby, not necessarily in that order and probably not for at least a year from now. That said, ... Read more →

    From The MoneyMix Archives – Housing

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    This is post highlights articles from our writings at the MoneyMix blog. When Is The Right Time To Invest In The Housing Market? The housing market is going down, but that means good things for potential buyers like us. Read our list of criteria that we’re going to try and follow when we decide to ... Read more →

    Reader Question: Credit Card and Taxes

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    Reader Jeff writes: First, I settled two credit cards, paying 2,500 of a 6,000 balance. Got a letter saying I will be sent something for taxes. What is this about? Anyone have any idea?

    A Look Back At 2008

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    Whew, 2008 was quite a year. For us, it will forever be remembered as the year that we got married! But what else happened this year for us financially? Life To cut expenses, we cut Netflix out of our life. We also cut back on weekend trips. I was officially diagnosed with depression and learned ... Read more →

    December 2008 Net Worth: IN THE BLACK Oh So Close!

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    EDIT Apparently I can’t use spreadsheets correctly and messed up the net worth number. I guess we’re almost in the black and have a little more to go. Hopefully we can get to zero by the second quarter of this year. Wow, I can’t believe it. We’re ending off the year in the black. Positive ... Read more →

    Out With the Old, In With The New (Year)

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    We at Make Love, Not Debt, wish you a safe and Happy New Year! Like every new year, we have a bunch of ideas and posts we’d like you to see in the upcoming weeks. Oh yeah, and we’re even going to update our net worth. It’s coming next Monday, so hold on to your ... Read more →

    Bye Bye, Money, Time

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    <pause> Deadly. That’s how I would describe one of the gifts that Her gave me for Christmas. It was a Nintendo DS Lite. I have already spent $20 at a local GameStop to buy myself a game. At least I bought used. In fact, I don’t think I’ll ever buy a new game. Only used ... Read more →

    From the MoneyMix Blog Archives – Spending

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    This is our first post highlighting articles from our writings at the MoneyMix blog. There will definitely be more to come. Where Are We? After the honeymoon we realized that we had to get our lives back in order, and for some reason that required us to drive around and run a million errands. Unfortunately, ... Read more →

    Merry Christmas, I’m an Enabler!

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    Merry Christmas, from both of us at Make Love, Not Debt. Among the gifts that I gave Her this year, one of them is a $20 Starbucks gift card, to fuel her latte factor. Forgive me personal finance blogosphere, for I have sinned. Enjoy your Holidays!

    We Write For Other Blogs, Too

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    We really like credit unions (hey, they give us pie) but because of travel it is more economical for us to bank with a national chain. It was to our surprise that during the summer of 2007 we were approached by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) to be authors on a blog they were ... Read more →

    Here Boston, Take My Money

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    After we visited some family this past holiday weekend, we went to Boston for a few days to visit some friends and do some sightseeing. We just purchased a new GPS prior to the trip and scored a great deal on a rental car. Just like in any other city, the GPS didn’t work so ... Read more →

    Suck It, Black Friday

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    It is noon and we’re just waking up. And we didn’t spend a single dollar. Black Friday, you may have enticed us in the past. But not this year! SUCK IT.

    No, We Don’t Need A New Bed

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    Last night Her decided that it was cold enough to start using the electric blanket. I helped her get everything setup so that we could enjoy a toasty night’s sleep. While setting up, we remembered something pretty funny (to us) about living together a few years ago. “Hey, do you remember when we wanted to ... Read more →

    Taxes: I Just Can’t Get Them Right!

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    Earlier this year I posted about our tax situation from 2007, and what we would be looking forward to in 2008. Since Her and I just got married, we needed to do the usual adjustments for our lives, including the exciting tax situation! Here’s what’s been going on. I grossly UNDERESTIMATED how much money Her ... Read more →

    Newlywed Money Management

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    In the last post, Her did a good job of listing the emergency/insurance financial aspects of being newlyweds. In addition to those tasks, we also have many money management issues that need to be worked out. They are as follows: With the very large student loan payment gift, we’re now left with how we should ... Read more →