• Breaking the Financial Rules – Co-signing Loans

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    image: Eason41 Don’t spend more than you earn. Don’t buy too much house. Don’t forget to pay your bills on time. There’s quite a few financial rules that are floating around that we’re told to follow, or else. Just like rules in your everyday life, sometimes you need to know when breaking them will benefit you ... Read more →

    Tweets of the Week of February 26

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    Welcome to the inaugural edition of Tweets of the Week. If you’re not following me on twitter, you should – I’m at @lovenotdebt. In addition to musing about trivial matters on Twitter, I like to broadcast anything personal finance-related that is fun, helpful, or interesting. It occurred to me that it also serves as a great ... Read more →

    Personal Finance Tag

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    So we’ve been tagged. No, not vandalized. The Budgeting Babe tagged me to answer some questions, and ruined a perfectly good 3-day weekend. (just kidding) Here are the rules: Post these rules Answer 11 questions from the person who tagged you Create 11 questions for the people you tag Tag 11 people and link them ... Read more →

    Still Accepting Applications

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    image: jon_a_ross Just a reminder: we’re still accepting applications for a paid blogging position. You have to get your application in by 11:59 pm CDT on Monday, February 20 to be eligible. That way, if you have Monday off for President’s Day like I do, you have some extra time to get in your application. ... Read more →

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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    image: xkcd Riding in the car this past Sunday afternoon… Her: So, let’s talk about Valentine’s Day… Me: *Breaking into cold sweat* Uhhh…ok… Her: I’m screwed. Me: Alright, me too! *hi-fives Her* Her: Whew. I’m so relived. What should we do? Him: Make a box of Ghirardelli brownies and drink some wine? Her: Perfect! Happy Valentine’s Day, ... Read more →

    Hiring a Blogger and Looking Towards the Future

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    image: Aranami  We’re looking for a blogger to contribute to our site. More information and application here. Summary: $300, 12 posts, 2 months. We’ll start from there and see how it goes. Why are we hiring? Because for a while this website has been pretty much a one man show. That man is me. Her ... Read more →

    A Tale of Two Electronics

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    image: aaltonen In the past month I’ve had bad luck with electronics. Last week Her was using her computer to look up some stuff, and then turned to me and uttered those dreaded words, “I think that the internet is down.” If you’re a home networking amateur like myself, you know that finding the problem of ... Read more →

    Does Our Baby Need an Airplane Ticket?

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    image: sbamueller  In a few weeks, Her, the little one, and I will be traveling to see relatives over the Thanksgiving holiday. Of course that means getting on an airplane with a baby. Back in the days of DINK I remember giving dirty looks and being annoyed at the parents of a screaming child. Now ... Read more →

    Optimize Your Employment

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    image: Seattle Municipal Archives  In my 7 years of working for the man, I’ve more than doubled my income from $40,000/year to $81,000/year. It hasn’t been easy, and there’s some things that I would have done differently. Here’s a few thoughts on what has worked for me through the years, and what I wish I ... Read more →

    Working for The Man Makes Me Happy

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    image: Tim Patterson I’ve been working at an office job for the past seven years. I’ve been commuting to the same place, day after day, to complete tasks given to me by my superiors. Sucks, right? HELL NO. I love it. (what now?) Sometime in the past few years of personal finance blogging, it has ... Read more →

    The Cost of Charlie Work

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    We’re big fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. That show does wonders for turning our brains off after a day of work and being a parent. In the show, Charlie tends to get stuck with the duties and chores that no one else wants, ie, Charlie Work. Since we’ve had a baby, we definitely ... Read more →

    Happy Family of Renters

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    image: Number Six (bill lapp) While in the past year much has changed, you know with the baby and all, much has stayed the same. Yes, we’re still renters, baby and all. Remember that unbelievable rent increase of $8 that we faced in 2008? Since then, our rent has not increased ONE PENNY. Yes, in a ... Read more →

    And Baby Makes Three – Yes, We Procreated

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    image: xkcd So all that non-posting in the past year? Yeah, we were busy having a baby and stuff. Did you realize how much time ONE measly baby takes? What the hell, baby. Also, as it turns out, ONE measly baby also tends to be pretty expensive. It is quite the transformation to turn our ... Read more →

    Saving on Gas

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    image: xkcd These days Her and I drive much, much more than we used to, for reasons that I’ll explain in a later post. Of course that means that we’re saddled with high costs at the gas pump. We’re having to fill up about once a week, and with gas prices being the highest in ... Read more →

    Hello WordPress, Goodbye Movable Type

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    This past month I’ve worked to transfer the blog over from Moveable Type to WordPress. The process was a little difficult, but I think I’ve managed to smooth out most of the bugs. I’ve already noticed that the site is slow compared with how it was, but I’ll continue to fix that. Let me know ... Read more →