• PFBlogs.org is the sexiest PFBlog aggregator around

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    Oh yeah it is. Why? They aggregate, like, a GAZILLION personal finance blogs. Rock! They have a little web 2.0 in them. Look at the links on the right — the MORE BLUE, the more HOTT. That’s right, HOTT with two T’s. They don’t make money off of you. We should be the only ones ... Read more →

    The U.S. Government Just Made Me Its Bitch

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    I’m lounging around on this fine President’s Day, and I decided to do my taxes. I fire up good ol’ TaxCut, enter in all of my data… …and I owe the U.S. Government $474. Next year Uncle Sam, please be gentle. Ouch. Anyone got any good ideas on how to lower that tax bill?

    SBC, DirecTV, and AT&T Are All My Bitches

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    Over the weekend Slickdeals.net pointed to an offer to get faster but cheaper DSL from SBC than what we already have. You don’t even need to call a vapid customer service rep — just click through and see if you’re qualified. Later, we saw a promo for DSL for $12.99 at the regular speed. I ... Read more →

    Money is All Relative

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    In college, everyone is poor. That makes it pretty easy to just make friends regardless of how much money one has. Sure, there are a few people who seems to have an endless supply of beer money, but they are usually the exception and not the rule. Then comes graduation. Many of my friends had ... Read more →

    $125K paid off (not us)

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    I was cruising the Fool.com discussion boards today, and saw this post of the day about a family with over $125K in credit card and consumer debt, paid off in 7.5 years! They did it with a combination of the snowball method of paying off credit cards, personal finance discipline, and a lot of hope. ... Read more →

    Reverse Carnival of Money Mistakes

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    We’ve been listed on MyMoneyBlog’s Reverse Carnival of Money Mistakes! Thanks, Jonathan, for spreading our mistakes around the blogosphere so that other people can laugh at our dumbasses.

    Carnival of Debt Reduction #22

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    We’re listed at this week’s Carnival of Debt Reduction, hosted by Retire at 30. My post about reducing my SIMPLE RIA contribution to reduce debt is featured there. Go ahead and check out the other articles!

    Employee Benefits

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    –Roast chicken with olive tapenade marinade, corn and green chile bisque, smoked ham and mozzarella stromboli –Grilled habanero pork chops with apple chutney, cole slaw, and herb-roasted Yukon potatoes –Grilled petite New York sirloin seasoned with Creole spices and Crescent City steak sauce and served with organic onion rings Valentine’s Day dinner? Nope. According to ... Read more →

    20.99% no more!

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    My second credit card ever was a Citibank Platinum Mastercard, with a credit limit of $1,800. I was young and seduced by the fact that I was receiving a Platinum card. The card came just in time for Christmas, but more importantly, it came right after I maxed out my first credit card! This card ... Read more →

    January 2006 Net Worth – We’re Broke!

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      January 2006 TOTAL NET WORTH -$98,615.39 Assets Joint Checking $285.49 Joint Savings $2,798.83 Petty Cash $300.00 His SIMPLE IRA $2,945.29 His Roth IRA $6,373.72 His HSA $816.34 Her 401K $5,122.00 Her Roth IRA $1,276.00 Upromise $52.94 Automobile $10,435.00 Household Items $25,000.00 TOTAL ASSETS $55,405.61 Liabilities Credit Cards $18,054.88 Student Loans $135,966.11 TOTAL LIABILITIES $154,020.99 ... Read more →

    Maybe he fills out a 1040EZ…?

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    The world’s second richest man, Bill Gates is pretty rich. (HOW RICH IS HE?) He’s so rich the US has to store his financial data on a special computer because his fortune is so vast. It has to be pretty tough to fit “47,000,000,000″ on line 1 of the tax form. You think he uses ... Read more →

    Health Savings Accounts

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    Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about “consumer-driven” health insurance plans in the news. Today, our President will be giving his State of the Union address, and will probably be emphasizing the adoption of these consumer-driven insurance plans in order to help alleviate the costs of healthcare. I am most familiar with Health Savings Accounts ... Read more →

    Now with tagging!

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    Categories are so 2002. Welcome to Web 2.0. What is Web 2.0? I have no idea, but it seems to be one of the most used tech buzzwords around these days. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it. In summary, I’d say it’s the interactive web that is showcased wonderfully in web applications such ... Read more →

    The anti-personal finance book?

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    In the personal finance blogging world, we try to educate and make information available to those who may want to further their financial goals. Not this guy. Link found via CNET.

    How much home we can’t afford

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    One of my guilty pleasures is watching the Fine Living Network. I dunno, something about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel or something like that. Anyway, an interesting show on that channel is What You Get for the Money; each episode showcases houses across the nation of a certain price point. It ... Read more →


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    We’d like to thank the fine folks over at debtpodcast.com for mentioning us on their podcast. The podcast that we were mentioned in discusses the nuances of finances when you’re living with a significant other or with roommates. Go ahead and give it a listen. We did, and here’s what ensued: Him: Hey, we’ve been ... Read more →

    Welcome visitors!

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    We’d like to thank JLP for making us blog of the week — we are very grateful and honored. We hope that you’ll stick around with us for the long-run, as we have many financial obstacles to overcome; both as individuals and as a couple. I mean, right now it is 11:53PM on a Saturday ... Read more →

    Awesomely bad credit card offer

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    Okay, so a few years ago I missed some payments on a few of my credit cards. As a result, my current FICO score is a dismal 661. I’ve been doing well for the past year and a half, and I have even managed to get some of the credit card companies to lower my ... Read more →

    Marriage = wealth?

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    According to a recent article on CNN Money, research shows that married people build more wealth than their single counterparts. Well, duh. “I think it’s really one of these really simple stories that two can live cheaper than one,” said Zagorsky, a research scientist at the Center For Human Resource Research at Ohio State. Theoretically, ... Read more →