• You’re Hired! Now Here’s a Car Payment

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    One of the great things about my current job is that my wife and I can commute together, whether it be by public transportation (in the past) or by car (currently). While I’ve waxed poetic on how much I love my job, I found myself a few weeks ago interviewing for another position. It’s a ... Read more →

    Are Two Birthday Parties Too Many?

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    After almost 2 years of being parents, my wife and I have realized that we have a “Spirited Child”, ie, a child who is just more of everything. As such, we’re trying to be sensitive to his needs, temperament, and personality. Large scale disruptions can mean hours (yes, plural) of uncontrollable tantrums. Included in these ... Read more →

    Giveaway Reminder! Favorite Tweets!

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    Just a reminder that the $100 giveaway contest ends today at 11:00 PM CST. Read about emergency funds and enter the contest here! As I’ve talked about on our Facebook page, we’re pretty much all set for Thanksgiving; we’ve ordered a turkey and sides. That’ll help immensely considering the difficulty it will be to even ... Read more →

    Giveaway! Guest Posts! Favorite Tweets!

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    Happy Friday! It’s been quite the week here at Make Love, Not Debt. Here’s a wrap up of what’s been going on. Guest Posts Abby wrote a guest post for Couple Money — Figuring Out Financial Equality in A Marriage I wrote a post for Reach Financial Independence — Who Did I Marry, Financially? Giveaway ... Read more →

    Short Update on My IRS Situation and Other Miscellaney

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    If you’ve been following us on Twitter (@lovenotdebt) you’d have known that I’ve been dealing with the IRS and their mistakes that I talked about in this post. I’m actually on hold with the IRS as I write this post, and I imagine that I look like this: I’ll be posting soon about what’s happened ... Read more →

    Fall is Here! Favorite Tweets!

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    The air is crisp, leaves are changing color, and Starbucks managed to prevent a shortage of pumpkin spice lattes. Ah fall. I hope that you’re enjoying your fall and also enjoying what we’ve been posting on the blog. Abby is signed up through the rest of the year so expect to read much more of ... Read more →

    Small Savings Can Lead to Big Gains

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    When we started this blog in 2006, we had a little over $18K in credit card debt. That number was probably higher since we had already started paying down that debt. Also back then, our salaries were about 35% lower than they are now. Since our main goal back then was to get rid of ... Read more →

    No IRS, I Don’t Owe You $7,000

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    To this day, I still love getting physical, tangible, U.S. Letter Carrier delivered mail. Of course, these days that is becoming increasingly scarce (Postal Service shutdowns notwithstanding) as most of my communications arrive via electronic mail. However, there’s one envelope with my name and address that I never like to receive: an IRS-sent letter. The ... Read more →

    GoDaddy Outage Got You Down? Switch to Namecheap!

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    If you were on the internet at all yesterday you may have noticed that some of your favorite websites were down. There’s a pretty good chance that they were down because GoDaddy was at the receiving end of a vicious hack. Not only were millions of GoDaddy websites down, but all of their services as ... Read more →

    Congrats Plutus Award Winners! Favorite Tweets!

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    Right now, your favorite finance bloggers are breathing oxygen-thin air a mile above sea level in Denver at the 2012 Financial Blogger Conference. Except for me. Last night the winners of the Plutus Awards were announced, but unfortunately Make Love, Not Debt did not take home the prize for Best Debt Focused Blog. The winner ... Read more →

    Our Life Insurance Decision

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    We’ve joined over 100 other bloggers to promote the Life Insurance Movement. Thank Illinois Certified Financial Planner Jeff Rose for this awesome idea! When Her and I got back from our honeymoon, not two weeks passed before Her took the initiative and started researching life insurance. We first looked to friends for suggestions…which was a mistake. Our First ... Read more →

    Favorite Tweets Since the Last Time I Posted About Favorite Tweets

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    So you may have noticed the lack of activity. Sorry about that. I’m lazy. And busy. And being a family of two full-time working parents of a rambunctious probably-gonna-be-diagnosed-with-ADD-and-INSANITY toddler is craaaazy. However, if you still love us (AND YOU SHOULD), we’d really really really love for you to vote for us at the Plutus ... Read more →

    Memorial Day Weekend Links and Tweets

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    The weather has been beautiful here in Chicago the past few days. We have family coming into town this weekend which usually means copious amounts of eating out. That’s okay though to me as I don’t really get to spend time together with everyone. Dining out seems to be a fiery topic in the personal ... Read more →

    Tweets and Links for Mother’s Day Weekend

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    This weekend is Mother’s Day weekend. I didn’t realize that I’d have to do stuff for TWO mothers after our kid was born. Argh. Luckily Her wants to do something low-key. This year my mom made brunch reservations, waited for me to ask her to brunch, and then told me where we were going. Awesome. ... Read more →

    My Terrible Start Towards Financial Responsibility

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    When I started grad school, I also decided to start being “financially responsible.” See the quotes? That means that I had not idea what that actually entailed. I thought that the best way to start this new life was to take control of my debts. I owed a few hundred dollars to a friend and ... Read more →