• Keepin’ Personal Finances Fresh, Yo

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    This past weekend, hip-hop phenoms L.L. Cool J, Nas, Alicia Keys, and T.I., as well as financial experts, schooled their fans on being financially responsible. Nas states, It’s time that we do something to educate our kids…We’ve got to think about our future, think about tomorrow. It’s beyond the corner, it’s beyond the jails. We’ve ... Read more →

    Expensive Art

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    I would guess that most personal finance bloggers would sell art in order to make money. But what about using money to make art? Artist C.K. Wilde uses money as his medium, creating beautiful works of art from cut up currency. Check out his newest work for yourself, and if that suits your fancy, make ... Read more →

    If Money Were No Object – Use Imaginations People!

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    I loathe memes. But, since I am doing absolutely nothing on the couch while the ol’ ACL heals up, I thought I’d participate in the If Money Were No Object meme started by the diva-taculous Single Ma. Now, this means that I have unlimited money. Or better yet, a debt/credit card with no limit and ... Read more →

    Do You Slackers Actually Work At Your Job?

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    Since I’ve been on my couch recuperating from my surgery, I’ve been watching vapid daytime television and have been reading the never ending barrage of new blog posts. During the average workday, there are about a bazillion posts that are added a day to pfblogs.org. In addition to those people posting, there are even more ... Read more →

    Recovering From Surgery

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    During the past week I’ve endured the one-two punch of medical malaise, hence the lack of posts from me. The first was a pretty bad case of food poisoning that I got while traveling on business in Seattle last weekend. The second was a knee ACL reconstruction surgery that I had done last Wednesday. Fortunately, ... Read more →

    March 2006 Net Worth – A Few Days Late

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      February 2006 March 2006 % Change TOTAL NET WORTH -$96,722.28 -$95,577.26 1.2% Assets Savings $3,078.00 $4,089.82 32.9% Cash* $550.00 $550.00 0.0% His SIMPLE IRA $3,141.30 $3,402.15 8.3% His Roth IRA $6,451.78 $6,425.45 -0.4% His HSA $801.36 $720.62 -10.0% Her 401K $5,313.62 $5,922.92 11.5% Her Roth IRA $1,265.00 $1,265.00 0.0% Upromise $53.03 $56.00 5.6% Automobile ... Read more →


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    We eat out. A lot. But when there are two Thai restaurants that I can skip to (not like I’d actually do that) from our apartment, and a whole city of an endless supply of restaurants, it is hard to practice self-restraint. A necessary expense when going out to eat is the tip. There’s an ... Read more →

    Perspectives And Guilt About Money

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    This weekend, I was tutoring a girl with her chemistry homework. She asked what kind of food was going to be served for lunch, which I replied, “Pizza.” She grumbled and told me that last week she was out of town and all her and her family ate was restaurant food. Then she said something ... Read more →

    I Want To Keep Up With The Joneses

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    Another fine mantra of pfbloggers is “don’t keep up with the Joneses.” The pfblog community as a whole loves to assume that the Joneses are debt ridden, know nothing about finances, have flashy and glamorous stuff, have nothing to save for retirement, and have no emergency fund. But what if the Joneses are doing everything ... Read more →

    Why The Rush To Retire?

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    Many in the pfblog community have a goal in mind – to retire at a young age. Two bloggers want to retire at 50, another says 30, some just want to retire young and wealthy. Retire@50 says: When I say retire I simply mean that I don’t want to work because I have to. I ... Read more →

    Virtual Rewards Card

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    We all love rewards cards. Use a reward card to purchase something, get something back, whether it be a percentage cash back, airline miles, etc. What about getting virtual currency as your reward? (via Digg) Very soon, credit card companies and game makers will reward their customers who spend money in the real world using ... Read more →

    Metrosexual Expenses

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    I’m a little more high-maintenance than probably most male personal finance bloggers (and possibly even some females). I’m not like Jonathan over at MyMoneyBlog, who saved $250 in haircuts in the last year by having his wife cut his hair. I can’t stand having my hair look bad. I get my haircut at a salon, ... Read more →

    We’re a Carny!

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    Her post on FICO scores has been posted up at this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance. This post joins the million of other posts publicizing this carnival. Enjoy.

    But It’s Only A Buck Per Band!

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    Two tickets to the Intonation Music Festival: $64.50 Two tickets to the Pitchfork Music Festival: $70.00 Two tickets to Lollapalooza: $299.50 Total ticket purchases for summer music festivals: $434.00 Three weekends, over 200 bands, diminished hearing, stories and memories of a lifetime: Priceless Assuming there will be 200 bands total that we’re going to see, ... Read more →

    I Hate Working Overtime…

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    …because I don’t get paid extra for it. I am salaried. She gets time and a half for overtime. I get…a pat on the back, if I’m lucky. Do you work overtime? Do you get paid extra for it?

    Dividing the Financial Duties

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    This month’s Money magazine is up over at CNNMoney, and this month’s topic is something near and dear to our hearts: money and relationships. The articles cover how couples differ when it comes to dealing retirement, budgeting, day-to-day spending, and other money matters. There were a couple of good quotes that I thought came out ... Read more →

    Two steps forward…

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    Just when I thought I was getting ahead of the game when it came to saving some money, DirecTV sent us a notice stating that the price of their service increased by $5.00, effectively negating my earlier triumph of getting them to decrease service by $5.00. You win this time, DirecTV.