• Why The Rush To Retire?

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    Many in the pfblog community have a goal in mind – to retire at a young age. Two bloggers want to retire at 50, another says 30, some just want to retire young and wealthy. Retire@50 says: When I say retire I simply mean that I don’t want to work because I have to. I ... Read more →

    Virtual Rewards Card

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    We all love rewards cards. Use a reward card to purchase something, get something back, whether it be a percentage cash back, airline miles, etc. What about getting virtual currency as your reward? (via Digg) Very soon, credit card companies and game makers will reward their customers who spend money in the real world using ... Read more →

    Metrosexual Expenses

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    I’m a little more high-maintenance than probably most male personal finance bloggers (and possibly even some females). I’m not like Jonathan over at MyMoneyBlog, who saved $250 in haircuts in the last year by having his wife cut his hair. I can’t stand having my hair look bad. I get my haircut at a salon, ... Read more →

    We’re a Carny!

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    Her post on FICO scores has been posted up at this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance. This post joins the million of other posts publicizing this carnival. Enjoy.

    But It’s Only A Buck Per Band!

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    Two tickets to the Intonation Music Festival: $64.50 Two tickets to the Pitchfork Music Festival: $70.00 Two tickets to Lollapalooza: $299.50 Total ticket purchases for summer music festivals: $434.00 Three weekends, over 200 bands, diminished hearing, stories and memories of a lifetime: Priceless Assuming there will be 200 bands total that we’re going to see, ... Read more →

    I Hate Working Overtime…

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    …because I don’t get paid extra for it. I am salaried. She gets time and a half for overtime. I get…a pat on the back, if I’m lucky. Do you work overtime? Do you get paid extra for it?

    Dividing the Financial Duties

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    This month’s Money magazine is up over at CNNMoney, and this month’s topic is something near and dear to our hearts: money and relationships. The articles cover how couples differ when it comes to dealing retirement, budgeting, day-to-day spending, and other money matters. There were a couple of good quotes that I thought came out ... Read more →

    Two steps forward…

    by  • March 13, 2006 • Tagged:   • Comments

    Just when I thought I was getting ahead of the game when it came to saving some money, DirecTV sent us a notice stating that the price of their service increased by $5.00, effectively negating my earlier triumph of getting them to decrease service by $5.00. You win this time, DirecTV.

    Slowing Down

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    I thought I’d take this time to apologize to Her. In order to stay keeping up with the (pfbloggers) Joneses, I’ve been obsessively scanning news and other pfblogs for stories and such. In doing so, I’ve become glued to the computer monitor. I’m sorry. Can we go out to dinner? Not too expensive, of course. ... Read more →

    A Way For the Non-Techies to Keep Up

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    I keep up with news and blog updates through my newsreader, but I’m pretty sure that many people don’t have the time or inclination to learn all about the wonders of RSS (and that includes Her). If you’re interested in getting on the RSS bandwagon, there’s a great article over at Blogcritics.org telling you why ... Read more →

    Stuff Extra Cash Under Your Mattress…or Your Missle Silo?

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    Russian Thieves Break Into Soviet-Era Missile Silo to Find it Filled With Money Bills The incident would have remained secret, had the wind not blown hundreds of banknotes all over the countryside. So this is where Russia keeps its emergency fund. Haven’t they heard of HSBC/ING Direct/Emmigrant Bank/[Insert High-Yield Savings Account]? (via Digg)

    Emails Here and There

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    We’ve received a few emails on some topics we’ve blogged about recently, so instead of only responding to the emails, I thought I’d share them here. Re: You don’t have as much debt as we do. But keep on truckin’! We never said that we were the be-all-end-all of debt in this country. BUT, if ... Read more →

    February Net Worth – 2% Less Poor!

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      January 2006 February 2006 % Change TOTAL NET WORTH -$98,650.87 -$96,722.28 2.0% Assets Savings $2,798.83 $3,078.00 10.0% Cash* $550.00 $550.00 0.0% His SIMPLE IRA $2,945.29 $3,141.30 6.7% His Roth IRA $6,373.72 $6,451.78 1.2% His HSA $816.34 $801.36 -1.8% Her 401K $5,122.00 $5,313.62 3.6% Her Roth IRA $1,276.00 $1,265.00 -0.9% Upromise $52.94 $53.03 0.2% Automobile ... Read more →

    Round and Round the Balances Go

    by  • March 5, 2006 • Tagged: ,  • Comments

    This month has been a hectic month for me as far as credit cards go. I transferred all of my 20.99% Citicard balance to a 0% MBNA card, good until April 2007. My next highest balance was at 17.99%, which is on another MBNA card. Unfortunately, I found out that I could not transfer the ... Read more →

    Things I Learned By Calling MBNA

    by  • March 2, 2006 • Tagged:   • Comments

    A few weeks ago I applied for, and was approved for an MBNA card that offered 0% balance transfers until April 2007. It had a modest credit limit of $2,500, which allowed me to transfer my $1,500 Citibank Card at 20.99% balance onto it. My next highest balance was on another MBNA card with a ... Read more →

    Art + Stuff = Rock!

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    We here at Make Love, Not Debt are huge advocates of the DIY arts/craft culture. In fact, I even have a photoblog (no link because, well, that would destroy our anonymity, and we wouldn’t want that, right?) that I semi-regularly post photos to. And she likes to crochet! We also like to buy stuff. Well, ... Read more →

    Warning: Excessive Use Can Lead To Bankruptcy

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    In a recent comment, Emily pointed to her post on Creditbloggers that Australian credit card statements may come with warnings to emphasize the potential financial ruin that they can cause. There’s running a contest to see if you can come up with the funniest warning that you can think of. Leave a comment on their ... Read more →