• China

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    Today my mom called to say she saw some fine china on sale and she asked us to begin looking at patterns for our registry. So we went online to www.theknot.com and looked at their massive china selection. We noticed that some of the patterns cost several thousands of dollars per piece, so we won’t ... Read more →

    Good Choices

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    As a comparison to my parents Bad Choices, I’ve decided to list some of the Good Choices we’ve made as a couple: -Chose to complete our education before getting engaged -Chose to save up and pay cash for the engagement ring, even though it meant waiting longer than we wanted to -Chose to work as ... Read more →

    Bad Choices

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    Since we recently got engaged, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the phone with my mom, discussing wedding plans. This conversation has opened the door for my mom to share her memories of being young and married. My parents married at 18, and my mom gave birth to her first child at 19, ... Read more →

    Organizing Coupons

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    There’s nothing more frustrating than a misplaced coupon when you’re standing in line at the checkout. We tried using prepackaged coupon organizers, but found them to be just awful. For example, the one we bought had only eight dividers, which led to some baffling categories, such as the one that included “Cookies, Pet food and ... Read more →

    Combining offers to maximize savings

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    We try to minimize our monthly expenses on boring everyday items so we have more money for fun stuff like dining out. There are many types of product offers available, and by combining multiple offers you can get products for free or even profit from your purchase. The types of offers available include: 1.Sales Get ... Read more →

    Coupon coups

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    Every once in a while, a really great coupon comes along. I’ll post this story of one of our all-time best coupon coups ever as inspiration. We have two kitties. When we got them, our vet explained that feeding them good quality food will help keep them healthy and active, as well as minimize the ... Read more →

    Obtaining coupons

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    There are several ways to obtain coupons. You can get them in your Sunday paper, receive them as fliers in the mail, swap with friends, or purchase them online. NEWSPAPER! The Sunday newspaper always has between 1 and 3 coupon inserts, so you can get up to 200 coupons a week just from the paper ... Read more →

    Coupons: Bonding activity or holy war?

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    Since the focus of our blog is on finances and our relationship, I’ll start with how coupons have impacted our relationship. The road to becoming coupon royalty has not been an easy one. We have actually had multiple fights over coupons. But we’re all good now, and that’s why I feel that we are in ... Read more →

    Coupon Theme

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    I can’t believe our blog has been around this long already without us mentioning…coupons. We are coupon addicts. We are typically able to reduce our grocery bill anywhere from 25% to 100% by using coupons. I have a huge collection of coupons and we plan our menus around them. Every product we buy, we try ... Read more →

    Our $84 show poodle

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    We have two cats. They were a bargain at the local shelter, $55 each and they arrived spayed and microchipped. One of them, we’ll call her “Snowball” is a mostly Persian mutt. She’s a pretty, fluffy white cat. She and I get along great, whereas He gets along better with our other cat, a brown ... Read more →

    Mortgage on my mind

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    Today I saw this article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer about the new face of poverty: the college grad. According to the article, About 40 percent of students now graduate with what lenders consider “unmanageable” debt loads, meaning their payments eat up more of their salaries than is considered financially sound. It may not be financially ... Read more →

    Eaten out of house and home

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    We’ve been robbed. A few years ago, I bought a half-gallon of ice cream at a rather shady grocery store. When I got home and opened it, I discovered it was already half-eaten. And the plastic spoon was inside the carton. Ew. Thoroughly disgusted, I returned it to a clerk who eyed me with suspicion ... Read more →

    Cheap Sex

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    Sex is fun, and even more so when it’s cheap. We use the birth control pill to stay safe and get giftcards. Yep, giftcards! A lot of pharmacies (CVS, Walgreens, Dominick’s, Target, and Kmart are some in our area) are in competition with each other and are offering coupons for a free gift card (ranging ... Read more →

    the Value-Based plan

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    Having read the same article on wealth and marriage (see below), I wanted to add my take on it. For me, it isn’t so much about the consolidation of expenses that leads to extra savings for couples. During the awful experience of finding out how deeply in debt I really was, my fiance and I ... Read more →

    I owe how much?!

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    Since this is my first post, I’ll start at the beginning. As a freshman in college I got my first credit card, with a limit somewhere around $400. I remember my first purchase: A rocking chair. Yep, I took on debt to look geriatric at 18. It wasn’t the rocking chair that did me in; ... Read more →