• Top Eight Ways to Deal with Spousal Debt

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    Dealing with financial matters is very important for any married couple. It may make or break a relationship as the future of the family is at stake. It is the job of every couple to make sure that they are financially secure. But in certain circumstances the expenditures may go over the set limit. There ... Read more →

    How Plastic Can Actually Help

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    In the financial services industry, experts often give credit cards the lion’s share of the blame for consumers accumulating debt. Although credit cards can definitely cause problems if they are not used correctly, they can actually be good when in the right hands. If you’re concerned about how credit cards can hurt your financial situation, ... Read more →

    Income Insurance as a Way to Protect Against Debt

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    If you have an income, you should be thinking about income protection insurance. Many of us protect our cars with car insurance, we protect our bodies with health insurance, and we protect our homes with home insurance. Nevertheless, many of us seem to overlook protecting our income. Most households rely on at least one salary coming in, ... Read more →

    The Tale of My First Electronics Purchase

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    I grew up with an 7-years older brother who loved electronics, most notably home theater stuff. When he was in college, he would come back with an awesome a/v receiver, a cd player from a brand that I’ve never heard of, a hi-fi cassette tape deck, and the newest high quality VCR player (hey this was ... Read more →

    How Much is That Long-Distance Relationship Going to Cost You?

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    The following is a guest post from Pauline Paquin, a long time reader who has recently started to blog over at Reach Financial Independence. Born and raised in Paris, France, Pauline blogs about how she has been traveling the world for the past 10 years, while trying to build wealth and achieve financial independence, and ... Read more →

    5 Things Parents Routinely Overpay For

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    Elle writes over at Couple Money, helping couples to reach financial freedom by living one one income and having fun with the second. Becoming parents has changed our lives dramatically and so far it’s been a blast. One of the first things we noticed is how our finances have changed with having a little one. ... Read more →

    Making a Budget for Newlyweds

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    When a couple marries, chances are high that they are not thinking about finances. However, it is essential for a new family to create a budget. This allows each person to take on responsibility and ensure success for the future: Create a Portfolio When two people come together, finances also come together. A person may ... Read more →

    Running Our Way To Savings

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    image: HikingArtist.com My wife and I have recently started going for regular runs. We aren’t training for anything (yet), but we enjoy the fresh air and the activity. We relish the chance to switch up the routine in the evenings and come back home with a runner’s high. And, of course, we both like the idea of burning ... Read more →

    Smart Ways to Use That Tax Refund

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    This is a guest post by Jim from Bargaineering. He keeps telling me to call him “Jimsane” or something like “Jimsanity”, but I told him that there’s another asian guy doing that already. Right around this time, half of you will have already filed your taxes and the other half are just about to file ... Read more →

    Two Styles, One System: Communication and Money

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    Laura is a twenty-something woman out of school and happily married. Eliminating credit card debt has energized her to knock out her car loan and student loans. She blogs at Green Panda Treehouse about reducing debt, building savings, and working with her husband on finances, as well as her successes and failures. Many people worry ... Read more →

    In Which We Flush $2,000 Down The Toilet

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    Hannah blogs about money and marriage at Monogamoney.com. Topics include saving, budgeting, investing, travel, and The Dark Knight. I was inpsired by Make Love Not Debt to start my own personal finance blog, Monogamoney. So I was honored when Him & Her asked me to guest post during their wedding and honeymoon. Since my blog ... Read more →