• With some Luck, You Can Put Debt Where it Belongs: In the Past

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    When it comes to serious budgeting and personal finance, luck is the last thing you want to rely on. Budgeting is all about prediction, you know, and luck is – by its nature – unpredictable. But sometimes it steps in, making things take a favorable turn. It can be in the form of an unexpected raise or promotion at your workplace, or even an unexpected win. The trick is to give it a chance.

    Meet Jon Heywood

    Jon Heywood was an average man from Crewe, Cheshire, who let a TV ad convince him to give chance a… chance. He registered an account at an online gaming portal, made a deposit worth about £30, and started playing (small stakes) on a progressive jackpot slot machine called Mega Moolah. Imagine his surprise when he not only won, but hit the jackpot of a lifetime: £13.2 million (equal to about $21 million at the time). The life of the 26-year-old Afghanistan veteran has changed overnight – the win provided him with a solution to many of his issues, including the treatment of his seriously ill father.

    His win was the biggest ever in the world of online gaming, but not a single case.

    Progressive slots

    The Euro Palace Online Casino gives anyone the chance to win big playing progressive games, without a major burden on their finances. The key is, of course, moderation – having a certain amount set aside for this goal each month, and not exceeding it, no matter what. Playing at the Euro Palace will not guarantee a big win, of course – it all depends on luck. But it provides players with the possibility of rounding up their monthly budgets in the most entertaining way possible – through games. Many are playing social versions of its games already, often feeding them with small amounts to top up their accounts. The Euro Palace offers the same entertainment experience – or even better – with the added chance of real wins. Let the Euro Palace Winner’s Wall stand witness to this claim.

    Budgeting in the fun

    Each budget should have an amount set aside for entertainment. No matter if it’s a movie ticket, a dinner at a posh restaurant, or even a city break at a wonderful foreign capital, the fun has to have its place in anyone’s budget. Depriving yourself of even the simplest form of entertainment – even if it is for a greater goal, like paying off student debts or mortgages – can lead to issues like depression or burnout, which can then lead to the demotion of health and quality of life. Which will cost way more to repair in the long run.


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