• How to Cruise on a Dime

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    Cruise holidays are some of the best deals out there for budget travellers. All-inclusive cruise deals mean that most food, accommodation and transportation are all nicely wrapped up into one very reasonable sum for a journey that can vary from the Caribbean to Asia.

    With a range of amenities that are included in the cost of a cruise holiday, there are also some things that are considered ‘extras’. For budget travellers determined to keep holiday costs down, here are some of the best tips and tricks to avoid exorbitant extras blowing a holiday budget out of the water.

    Consider currency

    Many cruise lines offer charges in dollars or sterling which means travellers aren’t constantly consumed with calculations of exchange rates and even worse – fees.


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    To tip or not to tip

    Some cruise lines offer a one-off tip fee in the base price of the holiday. Tipping every helpful hand encountered on a holiday can quickly add up, so it’s wise to look for options where this is already accounted for.

    Day trips

    Cruise lines make a pretty penny acting as an on-shore travel agent for ship passengers. Savvy travellers should source tours or even taxi drivers independently to save money on excursions. It’s important to ensure that the company is reputable and that they can deliver you back to port at the specified time otherwise it’s possible to quite literally miss the boat.

    Don’t eat into your budget

    Many ships feature main dining rooms that offer fancy meals at very high prices. Most people aren’t interested in dressing for dinner every night of a holiday, or paying premium prices to do so. There are plenty of companies that offer freestyle options which offer a wider variety of choice when it comes to restaurants at reasonable prices.

    Treat yourself – smartly

    Spa treatments are a great way to really indulge in the rest and relaxation that a cruise holiday is all about. Many ship spas offer reduced rates right at the beginning of a journey and especially on days when the ship is in port. Take advantage of this timetable and book treatments accordingly. Alternatively it’s possible to get a discount on services by booking multiple treatments at once.


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    Booze cruise

    There are few more sublime holiday experiences than sipping a cocktail on the Lido deck as the sun sets behind the ocean horizon. For budget travellers though, the cost of the drink can over overshadow the experience as a whole. Many cruises offer pre-bookable drink packages which usually come out costing about £10 per day and include everything from a morning mimosa to the most civilised of nightcaps.

    Cruise holidays are extremely economical. For savvy travelers who like to make the most out of holidays while paying less – there are few more appealing options than the flexibility and all-inclusive offerings of a cruise ship. By following a few helpful tips, travellers can live it up and rest easy as they sail the high seas.


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