• How Small Savings Can Go a Long Way

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    Even if I am exceptionally good at saving and budgeting money I often forget about small expenses, and whoever said “Don’t sweat the small stuff” obviously didn’t have an expensive daily coffee habit. Despite being organised and striving to be financially secure, if I look at my weekly purchases there are so many small ways I could save money. All these small things add up, and at the end of the month I could have saved myself a lot of money if I had just been more conscientious.

    Now it’s not worth beating yourself up about that extra cup of coffee or the magazine you did not really need, but when you fritter away money on small expenses it can make a large dent in your potential savings. Those 3 take away cups of coffee a day add up and could be your whole credit card payment at the end of the month.

    More often than not we don’t count small things unless we are really broke and watching every penny. But in order to be financially secure and stable accounting for every penny needs to happen all the time. Work out how much you spend on little things and see if you can make changes to your daily routine that will help you save cash. A little monetary consideration before you put your hand in your pocket is worthwhile and there are many alternatives to spending on the little things so you can save for the big.

    For example; if you buy 2 coffees a day, cut down to one and either keep instant coffee in your drawer at work or drink water. If you enjoy a quick visit to the casino every few days switch to mobile casino gaming as you will avoid a whole slew of small expenses such as gratuities, parking fees and exorbitant drinks prices. Snacking can also be an expensive trait and homemade snacks are generally healthier and cheaper to make, as are home cooked meals over ready meals or take always.

    You will be amazed at how little purchases can add up and if you monitor your minor expenses you may find you could even afford a holiday or a weekend away with the small change you have saved.

    Do you have any tips for cutting back small scale spending to save big?


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