• Top Eight Ways to Deal with Spousal Debt

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    Dealing with financial matters is very important for any married couple. It may make or break a relationship as the future of the family is at stake. It is the job of every couple to make sure that they are financially secure. But in certain circumstances the expenditures may go over the set limit. There are times when your spouse may not be able to control his/her spending.

    In such cases you will go into debt and might have to take a loan or other financial assistance to pay off the debt. It is crucial that you do not let such a situation arise in the first place. But if you are in trouble then there is no point in hiding. It is time you confronted the problem and looked at measures to control it. Here are some valuable tips to help you with spousal debt.

    1.     Sit Down and Talk

    Before you begin, do check out Consolidated Credit company site for best advices on managing debt. At www.consolidatedcredit.org - a debt management site – you can get the information and advice you need to help manage your debt easily and smoothly. Start by acknowledging the problem at hand. Sit down with your spouse, grab a pen and paper and analyze the bills. See where he/she is going wrong, try to talk sense and explain the reasons for amassing huge debts. Although your spouse might have gotten into the problem by themselves, it is your job to help them. Remember that you work together, so adhere to the principles of honesty and openness when you discuss financial matters.

    2.     Consider Counseling

    There is no shame in going to a counselor for help. In this situation you can hire the services of a debt counselor. Maybe your spouse will be more open to a person who excels at judging people’s opinion. The counselor can help overcome psychological fears related to debt management. It’s never too late to change your ways and you could start right now. Some people don’t see debt as a serious problem and remain in denial.

    3.     Be Positive in your approach

    Fighting or arguing won’t bring back the money your spouse lost. It will only make matters worse, so be considerate and support your partner. It’s their time of need so you need to stay positive. Keep reminding them that this problem is only temporary and he/she doesn’t need to overburden themselves

    4.     Create a Financial Plan

    A good financial plan goes a long way to helping you reach your financial goals. A lot of workshops are also held regularly to help people manage their finances, consider attending these as well. Be reasonable and give your spouse an opportunity to redeem themselves  Flexibility is important when making financial decisions, so consider their needs as well.

    5.     Take Control

    If your spouse is deep into debt and is unwilling to change his/her ways, then consider taking matters into your own hand. Take financial responsibility and make a monthly spending budget for your spouse which they must not exceed. It may be an uncomfortable arrangement, but when the going gets tough you have to take such measures. This could provide a short term solution till she gets back on their feet.

    6.     Educate your Spouse

    Assuming the fact that your spouse is not a financial expert, get them some financial education. It is important that every individual in today’s modern society has financial knowledge. You should consider buying books and taking classes for better financial management.

    7.     Separate Finances

    If you think that your spouse’s debts have put extra burden on you then consider separating finances. Remove your name from credit accounts and put major assets in your name alone. Put in place a debt reduction plan to help curb your debts.

    8.     Consider Couple’s Therapy

    Sometimes the problem is more an emotional issue than a financial one. Consider taking your spouse to couple’s therapy to discuss the issues she has been having. Maybe professional assistance is the answer to your problem.


    Spousal debt is no laughing matter. It can adversely affect the relationship between husband and wife if not managed properly. Follow these tips and you should be able to solve these issues in no time at all.

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