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    This is a post from Make Love, Not Debt staff blogger, Abby.


    I May Not Have Had Nine Marriages, But I Can Have Some New Clothes

    I have been exceedingly good when it comes to spending and saving in these last few months of 2012. Influx of money from doing more work than anticipated? Into the savings account it goes! Need a new dress for a variety of upcoming occasions because I’ve worn the same two dresses so many times that it’s starting to get awkward? Take advantage of a Cyber Monday discount deal at a rental site for designer dresses, because the last thing I need is a fancy dress taking up permanent residence in my closet. So frugal! So virtuous!

    So of course, while perusing the many, many online deals after the Thanksgiving holiday this year, virtuosity gave way to pity. I deserve something for myself! I cried. All of my sweaters are so old! Everyone else is out having after-work cocktails and fancy dinners while I sit at home and sew up the torn lining of my five-year-old winter coat like a modern-day Dickens character! Wah wah wah! And so on.

    So in the interest of getting my husband to stop telling me to “JUST BUY YOURSELF A NEW SWEATER ALREADY,” and to stop the pity-parade before it got excessive, I took out my credit card and made plans. After finishing up a whirlwind day of work catch-up, I went home, put on the new “Liz and Dick” Lifetime movie (because nothing will make you feel better about yourself more quickly than watching a terrible dramatization of Liz Taylor’s love life) and did some considerable online browsing. Stores were consulted, sales reviewed, and online product descriptions pored over in order to find the best items possible.

    At the end of the day, I considered my needs (comfortable, warm sweaters for the weekends up here, as I seem to have forgotten how incredibly cold it gets, and pretty soon my husband will start wearing his own sweaters and I will not be able to steal them anymore), and what I was comfortable spending (not $300 on a cashmere number from one online shop, pretty though it was). I ended up with a cozy looking cable knit from Nordstrom, and I don’t feel an ounce of guilt for it. Is that because when I arrived at our families’ for Thanksgiving I realized I had only packed black turtlenecks, because that is all I own, so it looked like I didn’t change my clothing for four days? In part – but also because I’ve been doing well, and also trying this new thing where I don’t berate myself endlessly for spending money I have to spend. It’s revolutionary!

    How do you handle personal splurges?

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