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    This is a post from Make Love, Not Debt staff blogger, Abby.

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    My husband and I have a joint savings account (which, to be fair, is currently totally funded by me) which we have titled “House Fund.” This is a misleading name, in part because we may never actually buy a house, and we use it for a variety of other expensive things that we would need to save for. Of late, this has been the account from which we’re bleeding savings – all in the name of worthwhile expenses, which nonetheless give me heart palpitations.

    It started with some suits for my husband. He had a real job this summer, and interviews coming up, and a local store near us was running a ridiculous sale on suits. “Let’s just get them for you,” I said, “before they go back to full price and we’re stuck.” So we did, and about $1,000 came out of the account (which, to my husband’s credit, he is actually re-paying over the summer/fall).

    Then, as I predicted would happen if I tempted fate by writing an article all about how my cat doesn’t cost us any money, our veterinarian diagnosed him with a potential heart murmur. Three hundred and fifty dollars, and a lot of lost trust from our kitty, later, we discovered that he does not, in fact, have a heart murmur, which means we have the go-ahead to spend $500 on dental work.

    The costs have added up a bit, and continue to – we bit the bullet and bought those insanely expensive tickets to Israel (although that’s going to be replenished with stipend money from my husband at a later point); my computer forced a few upgrades on software and then promptly rendered that software useless due to its antiquity, prompting a purchase of a shiny new netbook; and on it goes.

    I shouldn’t feel guilty about these purchases, given that I continue to add large (for us) amounts of money to the fund each month, and these expenses are worthwhile and important (particularly when it comes to the health of our cat). But there’s something in my that freaks out when we move money from our savings. It’s something I’m working on conquering, and for now, I’m just quelling the guilt monster.

    Have you ever had a season of large, unavoidable expenses?

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