• GoDaddy Outage Got You Down? Switch to Namecheap!

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    If you were on the internet at all yesterday you may have noticed that some of your favorite websites were down. There’s a pretty good chance that they were down because GoDaddy was at the receiving end of a vicious hack. Not only were millions of GoDaddy websites down, but all of their services as well, including email and web hosting.

    When I first started making web sites, GoDaddy was the registrar everyone knew and loved. Over the years the GoDaddy website became slow and unwieldy, and didn’t easily allow me to do cool domain name stuff (of which there is a lot of, I assure you). The last straw for me was that they sponsored the now defunct SOPA, which was bad bad bad. I looked for another registrar for my domain names, and found one at Namecheap. At the end of 2011, I made the switch:


    Since I switched over to Namecheap, I’ve been very happy with their service. There’s a handy guide to transferring domains from GoDaddy to Namecheap that made the process a breeze. Transferring my three domains over to Namecheap was easier than I had expected it to be, and they were all completed in less than 24 hours. Transfer your domains to Namecheap now!

    Namecheap.com - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting

    The cost of having my domains registered with Namecheap is a little less than with GoDaddy. The base price at GoDaddy for a .com domain registration is $12.99, plus an additional $11.99 for “Privacy Registration” (to preserve whatever anonymity I still have) for a total of $24.98 a year per domain. The cost at Namecheap for the same product is $10.69 for registration and $2.88 for “WhoIs Guard”, for a total of $13.49 a year per domain. That’s a savings of $11.49 per year per domain! Since I have 3 domains, I’m saving $34.47 a year. I know there’s people out there with dozens, if not hundreds of domains, so switching could save a lot of money.

    Namecheap also offers various web hosting packages that are common to many web hosts. I don’t host my website with them, so I can’t give you any review on that. I personally don’t like having all my web property with only one vendor. I’ll save that recommendation for another time. But to start migrating your web properties away from GoDaddy, transferring your domain name registrations to Namecheap is a great start.


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