• Credit Karma’s Free Credit Report Monitoring – Great For Busy Parents

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    Completely Free Credit Score - Credit KarmaAs you know, I’m a busy guy. I have a gregarious toddler running around and both Her and I work full-time. I don’t have the time to worry about any delinquent activity on my credit report. And now, with Credit Karma’s Free Credit Report Monitoring, I don’t have to.

    With identity theft being the most received complaint by the Federal Trade Commission in 2011, protecting your identity has become a hot topic. While we’re entitled to three free credit reports a year (one from each bureau from AnnualCreditReport.com), spaced out evenly there’s four months between check-ups. That’s a lot of time for someone to wreak havoc on your credit accounts. There’s other circumstances in which you can get a free credit report, but those methods are generally unavailable until something bad actually happens, and then it’s too late.

    I was admittedly skeptical at first when I first heard about Credit Karma. Free credit score? AND free credit monitoring? What was the catch? So far I haven’t found one.

    Credit Karma actually gives you three scores: a TransUnion Score, Auto Insurance Score, and a VantageScore. While these aren’t bonafide FICO scores, I can assure you that these scores are only a few points off from the real deal. For a free service, that’s more than I can ask for.

    If you’re a set-it-and-forget-it kind of guy like I am, they’ll send an email every so often telling you that there’s a new score available. If you want it your-way-right-away, then you can manually update your score on the website.

    The main reason I signed up for Credit Karma is for the free credit report monitoring. Imagine that I had the money and time to get a credit report everyday and check for any wrongdoings. Credit Karma does all that work for me. They’ll alert me by email if there’s been any significant activity on my credit report, such as a new account opened or if a creditor posts a delinquency. Fortunately I don’t know what that email looks like, and I hope to never see it. Getting notified right away allows me to take immediate action, instead of finding out whenever the next time I remember to get my free credit report.

    Protecting my family has become a big deal since I’m now a father. Credit Karma helps me to ensure that my family’s financial future are safe. What are you waiting for? Sign up for Credit Karma now!


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