• Favorite Tweets Since the Last Time I Posted About Favorite Tweets


    So you may have noticed the lack of activity. Sorry about that. I’m lazy. And busy. And being a family of two full-time working parents of a rambunctious probably-gonna-be-diagnosed-with-ADD-and-INSANITY toddler is craaaazy.

    However, if you still love us (AND YOU SHOULD), we’d really really really love for you to vote for us at the Plutus Awards!


    Vote for us for Best Personal Finance Blog for Young Adults and/or Best Debt-Focused Personal Finance Blog.

    If we win I’ll post pictures of my cats lying in a bed of dollar bills.

    And since I can’t get motivated to write my own content, here’s a bunch of tweets from the last few weeks about money and relationships. Have a great weekend! (and vote vote vote plz plz plz plz)



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