• The Adverse Effects of Sunlight

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    This is a post from Make Love, Not Debt staff blogger, Abby.


    Sunshine = Spending Spree

    Image: Rachel Kramer

    We’ve had a spate of gorgeous weather here in the Northeast, and normally bundled and home-bound citizens have been venturing out in the sunshine. I’ve noticed that with nicer weather comes a trend: spending money. I’m less content to sit inside and drink tea or a beer with my husband; I’d rather be on a roof-deck with friends sipping sangria, which comes at a higher cost.

    I’d scheduled a haircut months back, and found myself walking to the salon in the stunning weather. The salon is located on a busy shopping street, and there were huge quantities of people out and about, wearing skirts without tights and shorts and dresses for the first time in ages. After getting my haircut (a not-inexpensive endeavor itself), I thought, “Why head back home just now?” My husband would be in a meeting for a while, and I had nowhere to be.

    It was lovely to take a long-awaited walk in some nice weather (my city generally has two months of summer, and many, many months of wintery misery), but SHOCKINGLY (note the sarcasm) I stumbled on a myriad of ways to spend my money. I resisted the allure of the many stores with pretty window displays of sundresses and shoes; I managed not to stop for ice cream at the multitude of shops advertising new and exciting variations on chocolate. But when I saw the open door to a nail salon, I channelled my inner Tom Haverford and thought, “Treat yo’self.”

    Twenty-two dollars and one appropriately summery nail shade later, I emerged.

    Would I have spent that money had it not been blindingly nice outside? If I hadn’t felt like walking the avenue and seeing what caught my eye? Probably not. I would have hurried home to greener (or at least warmer) pastures, and thought about painting my nails myself before deciding that my time was better spent watching re-runs of “30 Rock.” Is it worth beating myself up over the unforeseen expense? Not while I’m on this vitamin D high it isn’t.


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