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    One of the financial skills that we’ve kinda let lapse over the last few years is saving money. Pretty basic, but we’re terrible at it.

    What we’re really good at is impulse spending. We should get a medal or award for it.

    Well, from here on out, we’re going to change that. And we’re going to use ImpulseSave to help us.

    What is ImpulseSave?

    You know how when you’re out and you see something awesome like a CHOCOLATE CHESS PIE WITH A WHISKEY RYE CARAMEL SAUCE and then you HAVE TO HAVE IT NOM NOM NOM???? Then you realize ohmygosh it’s $28 for a pie? But then you remember that you have some ice cream at home? Awesome, you’ve just SAVED $28!! But how do you really SAVE that $28??

    With ImpulseSave, it’s as easy as texting “Saved $28 on ridiculously tasty but expensive pie.” Boom! $28 is moved to a savings account. Not only can you save by text message, but also by Instagram (!), going on their website, and soon by an iPhone app! That’s how ImpulseSave makes saving easy and awesome.

    Goal-oriented Savings

    In addition to making savings easy, ImpulseSave also has features that make saving meaningful and even…fun. First, you can set goals like “Startup company fund to mine asteroids” or “Box of kittens”. When you save, you can specify which goal you’d like to put the savings towards. Then, you specify how much you want to automatically save per week, minimum of $5, towards that goal. Why autosave? Let’s face it, if you can’t put at least $5 weekly into a goal, you’re not going to get serious about saving. (Don’t worry, you can pause anytime, but you should only do so if you REALLY need to!)

    To keep you updated and accountable towards your goals, ImpulseSave will send you weekly updates on your goal progress. Each time you save, you’ll get a little cheer from ImpulseSave to keep you on your way. Also, you can save socially by letting other people know when, how much, and for what you’re saving! It’s pretty awesome and when you sign up for an account through our website, we’ll be ImpulseSaving together!

    Sign Up and Security

    Signing up is easy, and dare I say…fun. Everything is done electronically, including sending over a copy of identification to open up a savings account. It’s pretty cool that I could just hold up my ID to my laptop camera and be on my way – welcome to the future! There’s no fee to join, nor are there any pesky balance transfer fees. All of your information is securely stored under Fort Knox-like conditions, and the bank is FDIC insured.

    If you sign up and stall out somewhere in the process, you’ll get friendly reminder emails to get you to finish. To my surprise, one of the emails was the following from Alysa Seeland, the community manager at ImpulseSave:

    I noticed you haven’t finished opening your ImpulseSave account, so I thought I’d take a minute to share my story.

    My husband and I are newlyweds, aka newbies to this whole finances thing. Despite our lack of knowledge, we saved $2,800 in six months with ImpusleSave – ka-ching!

    The best part is, ImpulseSave is FREE, social and totally fun: you and I can share saves, challenge someone to a save-off, or just make like the Little Engine That Could while ImpulseSave encourage us all the way!

    I think that this is awesome. These emails could have been lifeless and boring, but it is a nice personal touch.

    A Video Is Worth A Thousand Words

    Don’t feel like wading through a review? Watch the video below to learn more.

    How It Works from ImpulseSave on Vimeo.


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