• Hiring a Blogger and Looking Towards the Future

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    Inquire within

    BYO nunchucks

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    We’re looking for a blogger to contribute to our site. More information and application here. Summary: $300, 12 posts, 2 months. We’ll start from there and see how it goes.

    Why are we hiring? Because for a while this website has been pretty much a one man show. That man is me. Her has gracefully bowed out for the time being, and that’s okay. Her efforts are more focused towards her career and raising our kid. Maybe she’ll return in the future. I’m glad to have shared this experience with her.

    However, this site has been my primary pet project for the last six years. This site has had some very awesome moments (mentions in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and many many more media outlets) and some not so great moments (see degrading comments all over this blog). I was thinking about posting all of the guest post requests (and my gosh there are a lot of them and they are TERRIBLE) and converting this into a spammy spam blog and stick advertisements all over the place. Lucky you, the only part I’m following through with is putting up ads on the blog. Whee.

    I want to keep this blog alive. There’s a lot of financial stuff that I want to talk about. I believe that this blog still has a unique voice in the realm of personal finance blogs. I hope you believe it, too.

    Apply to be a blogger for Make Love, Not Debt. Help this blog keep its voice. Thanks.


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