• Happy Leap Dave Williams! Follow Us, Like Us, and Our New Blogger, Too.

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    Happy Leap Dave Williams! (edit: or is it Leap Day Willam?) Did you trade children’s tears for candy? Have you been poked in the eye or have had your hair yanked because you’re not dressed in blue and yellow like a Best Buy employee?

    No? Then how about you try new things and take chances, without the fear of failure or consequence by, such as…

    Following us on Twitter! @lovenotdebt

    Liking our Facebook Page!

    We’re doing new things with this blog, too.  Remember that call for paid bloggers? Well, this is what came out of it:

    Tomorrow, the first post by our new blogger, Abby Dalton, will be up. She’s from the Boston area all sorts of awesome and has a unique living situation and has a mission to convince the world-at-large that Millennials aren’t inept. However, that mission may be difficult since I will single-handedly undo any goodwill by posting my own money failures. Sorry, Abby.


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