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    These days Her and I drive much, much more than we used to, for reasons that I’ll explain in a later post. Of course that means that we’re saddled with high costs at the gas pump. We’re having to fill up about once a week, and with gas prices being the highest in the nation in Chicago, that adds up to about $160 a month. Here’s a few things we do to soften the blow:

    • Maintain our car – We have a small Japanese 10 year old car with only ~75,000 miles on it. It gets decent gas mileage, but not as much as newer cars. It’s the simple things like making sure that we have correct tire air pressure that can add up to overall substantial savings
    • Gas up in the ‘burbs - Readers of our blog know that we’re not the biggest fan of the ‘burbs, but recently we’re have more stuff that we have to get done there. Gas stations a block from our home in Chicago are selling gas for $4.19/gallon; gas in the nearest Chicago suburb is $3.94/gallon. No, we wouldn’t drive out there for the sole purpose of filling up the tank, but if we’re out there we might as well do it.
    • Use rewards cards - During the past few months, the Chase Freedom card offered 5% back on gas purchases, so that’s nice.
    • Know the gas stations - On our new commute, we drive by a dozen or so gas stations. I’ve made a mental note of which gas stations have lower prices. Every little bit helps.

    How do you save money on gas?


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