• And Baby Makes Three – Yes, We Procreated

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    Our family looks more like the one on the left.

    image: xkcd

    So all that non-posting in the past year? Yeah, we were busy having a baby and stuff. Did you realize how much time ONE measly baby takes? What the hell, baby.

    Also, as it turns out, ONE measly baby also tends to be pretty expensive. It is quite the transformation to turn our home from DINK-style to OMG-BABYPROOF-EVERYTHING.¬†We’re still transitioning slowly into our new role as parents, and that includes the way in which we spend money.

    As you would expect, we’re not going to be the best source for money-saving tips when it comes to baby stuff. If you want those I would suggest reading Couple Money’s series on baby expenses. In fact, there was just a post yesterday on the actual cost of raising a child.

    Have kids? Share a tidbit of info in the comments on how you’re dealing with the expenses.


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