• Yeah, Some Changes Around Here

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    So you’ve probably noticed that there was a sponsored post yesterday. The decision to run that wasn’t made lightly. We literally get hundreds of requests to do this type of thing, mostly from companies that we’ve never heard of or whom we wouldn’t want to do business with.

    When we originally received the email propsal, I was going to trash it. But then I noticed that 21st Century Insurance was owned by Farmer’s Insurance Group, the insurance company who provides our rental and automobile insurance. We’ve had nothing but great experiences in our six years of being with them. It was that reason alone that we decided to run the post.

    We understand that we haven’t been the most active bloggers around. Our "relaunch" fizzled out and we just didn’t have enough motivation to keep it going. So what’s going on?

    Well, finanaces just aren’t our primary goal. As we have better built our financial foundation, we’ve loosened up a bit and have spent more time away from the computer, and that of course means time away from blogging as well. Of course finances are still important to us, but we’re just not interested in the gazelle intensity (thanks, Dave Ramsey for that term) that we had when we were much deeper in debt.

    However, it does seem that over the past few years we have garnered quite the audience, and I’m surprised and flattered that many of you actually care about what we’ve been up to. Her and I are going to have some discussions on the future of this blog. To be clear, we’d never shut it down, but may change the focus of it. We’ll let you know as soon as we get a plan.

    Thanks for reading, we hope to be back soon.


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