• The Price of Darkness

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    photo: Gustavo Minas

    When Her and I first moved into our modest apartment, we bought some room-darkening pull-down shades to cover our windows. Back then we didn’t have a lot of money to spend on window treatments so we cheaped out and bought some low-quality stuff. Fast-forward five years and the shades are cracked and torn and don’t do a very good job of keeping out the light.

    A little background as to why this is so important to me. I cannot sleep if a single sliver of sunlight catches my eye in the morning. This is usually a good thing duing the work week as it is relatively easy for me to rise out of bed. But during the weekend this is torture. I hate being wide awake at 7:00 AM on a Saturday morning, envious of Her’s sweet, blissful sleep.

    We found this out when Her and I went on our honeymoon. After the, uh, festivities of the first night of our honeymoon, we knew that we would be tired so we made sure to close all of the drapes in our hotel room so that we could savor the sleep. The next day I woke up and looked at the clock and was surprised to see that it was 2:00 PM in the afternoon! The room was still black as night, and I couldn’t have asked for better sleep.

    It has been more than a year and a half since the Great Honeymoon Sleep of 2008, and we were finally fed up with the poor light management in our room. After Her’s unsuccessful journey to Home Improvement earlier in the week, we decided to go to our favorite home improvement store, Lowes. We immediately found what we wanted: room darkening cellular shades.

    We picked these for a few reasons: first, they darken the hell out of the room. When the shades are down, it is like night. Second, they offer some insulation for our drafty windows. Third, they are cordless meaning that our cats and other small mammals won’t get tangled.

    We did pay a relatively hefty price: $180 for a set of three. I think that’s a fair price to have the chance to sleep like the dead.


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