• Oh Nos! Credit Card Thefted!

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    This past weekend I was dillegently reviewing the week’s transactions on Quicken, when I noticed two charges made to Newegg.com on my Chase Freedom Card. I’m a huge fan of Newegg and have purchased items from there before, but I was pretty sure that I didn’t buy anything from them last week.

    Coincidentally, I was reseraching computer parts and wondered if I accidentally added stuff to my cart and then went through with the purchase. I checked my account on Newegg and confirmed that I hadn’t bought anything from them, at least not since February 2009.

    I called Chase to talk to a customer service representative, and was transferred to their Disputes department. They asked if I called Newegg to ask why I was being charged. I told them that I hadn’t, but I should maybe do that. The person transferred me again to another guy, who offered to call Newegg on my behalf. He did and conferenced me into the call since Newegg needed my permission to get more information. I confirmed that I did not buy the items in question, and also learned that the fraudsters were able to input my home address to actually use the card but have the items shipped somewhere else.

    The Disputes representative then gave me two options. Since the total charges were under $500, I could either file a dispute or a fraud claim. If I filed a dispute, then Chase would only work with Newegg to reverse the charges. If I filed a fraud claim, Chase would close the account and re-issue me another card with another number. Obviously I didn’t make those purchases, so I decided to make a fraud claim. The Disputes representative then transferred me over to their Fraud department.

    Of course the Fraud representative had no idea of the conversations that I just had, so I had to reiterate the whole story to her. I asked to close the account have have a new card issued to me. She processed the request, and had me listen to a recorded message about their fraud claim process. I guess it’s cheaper to do that than to have the representative read it to me from their script.

    This morning I was relieved to find that the charges on my credit card have been reversed. It took about 48 hours since I originally call to have all of this taken care of. The communications were a little frustrating, but I’m glad everything worked out.

    Have any of your accounts been compromised lately?


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