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    This morning Her and I were featured on the Chicago Public Radio show Eight Forty-Eight. If this is your first time here, welcome! The portion of our interview that was broadcasted included our thoughts on how we deal with the relationship of finances and family. Here are some of the posts that go into more detail on that delicate balance:

    I talk about my parents (mom) at length in a few posts:

    How Much Do You Tell Your Parents?

    My Parents Keep Up With The Jonses

    Raise your children to rely on them – Asian Culture And Finances

    (Un)Happy Mother’s Day

    The situation with Her’s parents is nicely summed up in this post: Proactive Parent Protection

    …oh, and by the way, we’re not debt free…but we do have a positive net worth these days. We don’t have any revolving credit card debt, although we do still use them for the rewards but pay them off every month. We also still have about $50,000 of student loans to pay off, but ~$6,500 of that is at a 1.9% APR for life through a generous balance transfer, and the remainder of the balance is a federal loan with a low enough rate that we’re not freaking out about it. This is a far cry from the ~$18,000 in credit card debt and ~$130,000 in student loan debt that we had when we started this blog.


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