• So the Economy is Kind of Crazy

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    So far our jobs have kept us pretty insulated from the ravages of the economy. I haven’t noticed much personally, other than what I’ve seen in the news reports. But this week I finally started seeing changes – big changes – on the street. Last weekend we went shopping for clothes and we both commented on how it seems like everything is marked way down on sale. Not altogether a terrible situation, since we were able to score a bunch of new clothes for cheap. But yesterday I saw something crazy.

    I walked into a mall on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago in the middle of a big shopping district…and when I stepped inside I realized the entire mall is closed. The lights were off, the escalators were roped off, the floor was filthy, and the shops were all boarded up. I guess they have the lobby open to service the only remaining store, a department store on the first floor. It was bizarre! It looked like that TV show “Life After People” where they show what cities would look life after humans no longer exist. Seriously, how does an entire mall on Michigan Avenue go under?

    I googled the mall when I got home and saw that it actually closed 6 months ago. Maybe the fact that I didn’t notice for 6 months points to one reason why it closed…hmmm. Anyway, it still blows my mind that it is gone. Suddenly “the economy” is much more tangible to me.


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