• This Valentine’s Day, Make Love, Not Debt (GIVEAWAY!!!!)

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    So you want to do something nice for your significant other (SO) this Valentine’s Day, but don’t have the cash?

    Do you think that you need to take your SO to a nice restaurant or get an overly-saccharine trinket or card?

    SCREW THAT. Better yet, screw each other! Why do anything that costs money when having sex is COMPLETELY FREE and FEELS REALLY GOOD.

    What other free activity can relieve stress, boost your immune system, burn calories, improve cardiovasuclar health, boost self-esteem, improve intimacy, reduce pain, prevent prostate cancer, strengthen pelvic flow muscles, and helps you sleep?

    Instead of spending money, have sex instead. Here are some examples:

    You want to remodel your bathroom? LAY SOME PIPE.

    Need to write a card? DIP YOUR PEN IN THE INK!

    Shopping for shoes? KNOCK BOOTS.

    Need to tear down your garage? WRECK IT IN THE BEDROOM.

    What’s your favorite euphemism for doing the dirty deed? Leave your answer in the comments and we’ll pick one at random to receive a copy of Please Send Money! A Financial Survival Guide for Young Adults on Their Own by Dara Duguay. Get your entries in by next Sunday, February 15, 11:59 PM CST. We’ll pick a winner on the following Monday. Good Luck!


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