• Our 2009 New Year’s Resolution: Save Like Crazy!

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    Today we sat down and had a discussion we’ve been putting off for a while: family planning. We both want to have children, although we hadn’t sorted out the timing yet. We have already achieved many milestones that will help us prepare to be parents. We have completed our educations, have steady jobs with benefits like health insurance and family leave, and have some money in savings. We even have our own apartment that, while not ideal for a family, would certainly suffice. And this year, we got married. But there is one thing that would round out our preparations and make us feel really-for-reals ready…a home of our own!

    We want to be responsible and put a big down payment on a home so we can minimize our mortgage liability. Right now, we don’t exactly have big piles of cash laying around. So, we decided that our goal for this year is to save like crazy. Like, balls-to-the-wall crazy savers. Our plan is to cut out unnecessary expenses like dinners out, and help keep each other on track. Our hope is to have enough saved for a down payment by spring 2010, and then start thinking about kids. Wish us luck!

    What is your New Year’s Resolution?


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